Literary Fiction – Katambora Rising

Katambora RisingKatambora Rising
By Rory Johnston
Published: November 2014
ISBN: 978-1502786999
Pages: 282
Genre: Literary Fiction

Author, Rory Johnston traveled to some of Africa’s most remote regions as a child on safari with his parents. He grew up in the safari business and led expeditions throughout the remote countryside, nurturing his passion for adventure.

That passion is evident in his writing, as Johnston pens books like Katambora Rising, the second in a series of novels centered on protagonist Colin Somerset. While fictional, it depicts the real-life tragedy of ivory and rhino horn poaching that threatens the extinction of Africa’s prized animals.

Katambora Rising continues the story of Colin’s dedication to the Zambezi River valley and its BaTonga people. Despite a grenade attack that nearly destroyed his Katambora Safari Ranch, he remains steadfast in his determination to change his family’s business from hunting to photographic safaris.

Colin is looking forward to his upcoming wedding, but little does he know that danger is lurking. The local military struck a deal for arms in return for ivory—lots of it. The area is now being patrolled by the Selous Scouts, an exclusive fighting force whose newest member Colin knows. It’s Justin Charimba, the same man jailed for nearly destroying Colin’s ranch—and he’s back for revenge.

About the Author:Katambora Rising Author
Rory Johnston, the author of “Katambora Rising,” weaves his knowledge of Africa and his passion for its wildlife and people into his novels of love and personal relationships.

In addition to the popular Katambora series, Johnston has written a number of other pieces, including “Growing Up In Africa,” “A Major Hoodwink” and “It Happened at Squeedunc Plantation”, which he co-wrote with his wife, Virginia Doyle.

Johnston and Doyle write about love and family relationships, and their message of hope, love and subtle spirituality is never far from the surface. The couple met on safari in Africa and still travel there several times a year. They live in Houston, Texas. For more information, please visit

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