LGBT Fiction – The Mysterious Dorian Gray

The Mysterious Dorian GrayThe Mysterious Dorian Gray
By Keisha E. Pearson
Publisher: XX Publishing
Published: August 2017
ISBN: 978-0692846308
Pages: 316
Genre: LGBT Fiction

Born October 31, 1980, biracial, former N.Y. Yankee, Dorian James Gray lives in a Staten Island apartment overlooking the Upper Bay and drives a silver Jaguar.  The co-founder of Gray-Shepherd Works and director of Shades of Gray foundation enjoys reading listening to music and playing his saxophone. He practices martial arts to stay in shaped, but this perfect gentleman can’t find the perfect woman.

The Mysterious Dorian Gray Author Keisha E. PearsonAbout the Author:
Prairie View A&M graduate shared her passion for words with high school and college students before publishing her first novel after a five-year stint at San Jacinto College as a developmental writing teacher. She recently finished an education graduate program to further enhance her teaching acumen while publishing her second novel, REWIND. She continues creating wonderful literary works in addition to strengthening students’ writing skills.

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