Humor/Suspense – The House with the Green Roof

the-house-with-the-green-roofThe House with the Green Roof
By Ashish Vikram
Publisher: Partridge
ISBN: 978-1482834994
Pages: 200
Genre: Humor/Supense

Veenu has just graduated from IIT Delhi. He arrives in Bangalore, only to find that the plum software job he had landed himself is not waiting for him. As consolation, a beautiful girl called Vini claims to have been waiting for him instead. But things are not quite what they seem to be. A dead body appears behind Veenu just as he is about to put his arm around Vini in the dark night. A mysterious man with a hairstyle that looks like a lava crater and fond of tomato juice keeps appearing almost as frequently as the signature suspense tune. The chief inspector, with a habit of pulling at his hair, does not believe Veenu’s incredible stories. And what does all this have to do with the Japanese Prime Minister and a beautiful Race Horse’s behind? The clues are hidden in the humor!



the-house-with-the-green-roof-author-ashish-vikramAbout the Author:
A computer geek with genes of a much awarded literary author, Ashish Vikram spent several years in the Silicon Valley and Bangalore building out software systems. The genes expressed themselves through the stories he told until they forced him to pen this novel. The result exceeds expectations with a 5 star rating from readers across multiple online book stores.

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