Holiday Women’s Fiction – The Wishing Cradle

The Wishing CradleThe Wishing Cradle
By Donna Walo Clancy
Publisher: Summer Prescott Books
Published: December 2017
ISBN: 978-1981580491
Pages: 305
Genre: Holiday Women’s Fiction

Grab your tissues – this heartwarming tale of struggle and hope will have you believing in the magic of Christmas. A woman wracked by grief over the tragic loss of her unborn children learns some poignant truths about life, love and motherhood.

After a series of tragic miscarriages, brought on by extreme stress and abuse, Sophie has had enough and chooses to walk away from her husband and his abusive family. Seeking a simpler way of life, she throws a dart at a map and decides to let fate move her wherever it lands.

With the settlement from her divorce, Sophie begins a new life in the small town of Holly Berry Ridge. She opens a consignment shop and is happy, despite her intense longing for the children that she was unable to bring to term.

Parker O’Brien, a local woodworker, rents a space in Sophie’s shop to sell his furniture. One piece, a beautiful cradle, becomes the object of Sophie’s obsession. The grieving young woman wishes upon the cradle every night when she closes the shop.

Her grandmother used to tell her, “A wish from the heart is a direct line to angel’s ears.”

Sophie wonders if the angels might ever hear her wishes. Will she ever be blessed with a child to cherish? Was the throw of the dart, which led her to Holly Berry Ridge, random? Or was an invisible hand guiding her way?

Sophie finds out that sometimes God answers wishes in the most mysterious of ways, and that happily ever after can mean something very different from what she once thought.


The Wishing Cradle Author - Donna Walo ClancyAbout the Author:
Donna L. Walo-Clancy was born in 1959. She now resides on Cape Cod. Single, with three grown children, she enjoys walking the beaches, photography and day trips exploring new places with her kids. An avid concert goer, she has been known to hop in a car and follow a band up and down the east coast.

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