Historical Romance – Secrets Of Greenoak Woods

secrets-of-greenoak-woodsSecrets Of Greenoak Woods
By Brenda Davies
Published: November 2016
ISBN: 978-1537636368
Pages: 426
Genre: Historical Romance

Cornwall 1816

Benjamin is a young farm laborer, a reticent man living a solitary life. Tormented by a childhood trauma he is misunderstood and scorned by the villagers of St. Merryn, including Mary the woman he loves. His desire for Mary is tearing him apart because she loves Samuel – a man he hates.

Passionate and vital, farmers daughter Mary will never break the promise made to her dying mother, to always protect her younger sister. But a series of dreadful events leave the sisters with a dark secret that will deliver them straight to the gallows if discovered.

Benjamin finds the courage to offer Mary the protection she needs, but how far will she go to keep her secret safe? His battle with Samuel for her affections have tragic consequences and everybody’s secrets and betrayals – not just Mary’s – are laid bare.

Set against the untamed splendor of the Cornish coast and the timeless rhythm of farming life is a passionate story of love, loss and dark secrets.

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secrets-of-greenoak-woods-author-brenda-daviesAbout the Author:
Brenda Jane Davies was born in Plymouth, England in the 1950’s and her mother is of Cornish descent. She is related to the Cornish author and historian A.L.Rowse.

From the Author:
I live in Bristol, England with my husband and I combined my love of Cornwall and its history with my love of genealogy to write my first novel based on the true story of my great great grandfather James Ivey.

I didn’t want that novel to be my last. My second book is fiction but is still historical since I love imagining what it was like to live in the 1800s. I hope my writing skills and storytelling have improved. I would love anyone who reads my books to let me know what they think since without reviews I have no idea if anyone is enjoying them or not.

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