Historical Fiction – The Falcon Confession

the-falcon-confessionThe Falcon Confession
By John V Norris
Published: October 2016
ISBN: 9780996761895
Pages: 448
Genre: Historical Fiction

This is a historical thriller of layered secrets, fickle love, and tests of mettle. The story follows Edith, an ostracized noblewoman, and Aidan, a timid monastic novice, as they strive to protect a mysterious book with a golden falcon on the cover from the conquering Normans.

Chasing them is the rapacious Bishop Odo. He knows the book would ruin him if it ever came to light and will stop at nothing to destroy it.

As their world crumbles and as Odo’s grip tightens, Edith and Aidan must face their worst fears and do the unthinkable to survive and protect all they hold dear.



the-falcon-confession-author-john-v-norrisAbout the Author:
John V Norris is a historical novelist, marketing writer, and tech blogger based in San Francisco, CA.

Firmly set against the backdrop of historical events, his book, The Falcon Confession, is a product of meticulous research, a wild imagination, and a belief that history books only tell half the story.

Inspired by his grandmother’s research that traced his roots back to the Norman Conquest, he’s worked on The Falcon Confession for the past 8 years. The work included research trips to the British Library, interviews with cathedral archivists, attendance at the 2006 Battle of Hastings reenactment, and the handling of ancient manuscripts at Worcester Abbey.

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