Contemporary Women’s Mystery/Suspense – A Star Called Lucky

A Star Called LuckyA Star Called Lucky
By Bapsy Jain
Publisher: Vook
Published: August 2014
ISBN: 978-1632954244
Pages: 246
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

A Star Called Lucky, returns to the exotic world of the spirited, indomitable Lucky, which left  readers petitioning the author Bapsy Jain for this sequel.

Now, feeling grounded in her new life as a yoga instructor and single mom in New York, Lucky unknowingly enters the dangerous world of corrupt politics. She is forced to take another journey across continents, a trip that puts her faith in humanity in question. Through a series of puzzling encounters with a mysterious individuals including a Buddhist monk, a computer savant, and an elusive Tibetan doctor, Lucky must untangle the web of lies, before the authorities begin to suspect her.

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About the Author:
A Star Called Lucky AuthorBAPSY JAIN is a best-selling mystery author, wife, educator and entrepreneur noted for the international success of her debut novel, Lucky Everyday, published by Penguin in 2009.

A Star Called Lucky is the sequel novel to her bestselling debut and returns the reader to the exotic world of the spirited Lucky, whose new adventures are sure to captivate audiences around the world. Originally from Calcutta, India, Bapsy attended the Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai. After graduating, she left for the UK to qualify as a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant England and Wales. She divides her time between Mumbai and Singapore.

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