Self-Help/Sexual Abuse – To the Survivors

To The SurvivorsTo the Survivors
One Man’s Journey as a Rape Crisis Counselor with True Stories of Sexual Violence
By Robert Uttaro
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1490931661
Pages: 268
Genre: Self-Help, Personal Transformation, Mental Health, Self-Help Abuse and Spirituality/Personal Growth, Christianity, Education & Teaching, Nonfiction, Parenting & Family, Philosophy, Psychology, and Women’s Studies

To the Survivors is a deeply-moving, empowering, and brutally honest book about one man’s journey as a rape crisis counselor combined with true stories of sexual violence shared by real survivors in their own words. Gently and beautifully constructed, To the Survivors is moving, tender, sharp, and piercingly true all at once. The reader will encounter uncensored written stories, poems, and interviews shared by women, men, and one transgendered person who have been raped and sexually assaulted. The impact of this work is far reaching – it is multi-cultural, multi-generational, and fully expansive in its ability to reach people’s hearts and minds around this critical human issue. Robert Uttaro believes anyone can benefit from the words in these pages; rape survivor or not.

Praise for To the Survivors:
“Rape counselor Uttaro draws upon his years of experience to warn that sexual abuse is far more prevalent than most people suspect, and provides a moving series of survivor stories. Uttaro persuasively argues that each survivor’s story is unique–and this militates one-size-fits-all advice. The surprising revelations of the survivors Uttaro interviews corroborate his claim that justice is an individual concept that depends on what redress survivors seek. Uttaro’s assurances that survivors are not defined by sexual abuse offer the possibility of a positive resolution. This book is both informative for the general public and supportive for those who have suffered sexual abuse. It is hard to imagine that members of either group will not gain from reading it.” – From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“An engaging examination of a painful subject, with a focus on healing and forgiveness.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Compassionate advice…Quite Moving.” – Kirkus Reviews

“To the Survivors weaves together many candid accounts to form a brave and alarming exposé of assault. It is a worthwhile, eye-opening project.” – Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Uttaro’s interviewees effectively convey that, though assault is not a light topic, it’s one with which too many are intimately familiar.” – Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Survivors should be heard without judgment and given space to pursue recovery as they best see fit.” – Foreword Clarion Reviews

“The book stands to offer a safe space for those who’ve suffered assault and are exploring next steps.” – Foreword Clarion Reviews

About the Author:
To The Survivors AuthorRobert Uttaro currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts and is in his seventh year of working and volunteering as a rape crisis counselor, public speaker and community educator. Inspired by his undergraduate studies in Criminal Justice, he continues to embrace a life-long commitment to activism and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence. Serving as a counselor, Uttaro supports rape survivors and their significant others through various legal and case management issues. He also facilitates workshops aimed at education, prevention and exposure of the realities of sexual violence.

Uttaro is currently touring many universities and high schools throughout Massachusetts. A recent significant blessing for Uttaro was the opportunity to address soldiers of the United States Army at Fort Eustis, Newport News, Virginia.

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Careers – Avoiding the Dodgeballs … at Work

Avoiding the Dodge Balls at WorkAvoiding the Dodgeballs … at Work
A Young Woman’s Guide to Succeeding at a First Job
Author: E. Marie
ISBN: 978-1484033951
Pages: 206
Published: October 2014
Genre: Career Guidance, Non-Fiction, Women’s Issues

After working 25 years in various industries, supervising and mentoring numerous of young professional men and women, E. Marie was inspired to write a book that prepares entry level employees for the world of work.

This career guidance book addresses a variety of subject matters including: project management, team work, managing your boss, performance evaluations, sexual harassment, difficult coworkers and networking.

It is an easy to read guidance book with two main characters. One of the fictional characters is a female, a recent college graduate, who is preparing to enter the workforce. The other character is the narrator, who gives the new employee straight to the point advice –with a touch of humor- on how to handle or avoid potential work related issues.

There are funny scenarios and illustrations scattered throughout the book. An index is included to locate specific subject matter.

E. Marie is hopeful that upon reading her book, readers will get a heads-up on what to expect during the first year of employment while obtaining some tips on how to avoid first job “hiccups” and smoothly move up the ladder.

Avoiding the Dodgeballs … at Work Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Emerald Betts is a business professional who has worked in various industries, including large and small corporations and non-profits. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master of Science Degree in Communications from Northwestern University. As a person who loves to read and listen to talk radio, Emerald enjoys mentoring young people of all ages. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and attending grandson Jalen’s baseball games. Mrs. Betts resides in Chicago, Illinois.

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Parenting/Pregnancy – Getting Ready for Baby: The Practical Parent’s Organizer

Getting Ready for BabyGetting Ready for Baby: The Practical Parent’s Organizer
By Hélène Tragos Stelian
ISBN: 9781497395596
Published: April 2014
Pages: 206
Genre: Parenting, Pregnancy

Building on the success of the original Getting Ready for Baby, this brand new edition offers even more:

  •   Completely updated charts and checklists
  • The latest in healthcare and safety guidelines
  • Revamped step-by-step instructions for finding the best obstetrician, pediatrician, and childcare – with detailed interview questionnaires
  • Loads of new resources for maternity and baby gear
  • All the latest books and magazines on parenting and baby care
  • New recommendations on parenting organizations, apps, even blogs

All this in addition to these tried-and-true features, thoroughly updated to meet the needs of today’s expectant parents:

  • A master to-do list for pregnancy and beyond
  • The most detailed baby gear checklist, with “lingo” explained and hundreds of shopping tips, as well as specific advice for those expecting twins
  • Logs for doctor visits and calls, borrowed items, baby feedings, and more
  • An extensive checklist for babyproofing the home, including many dos and don’ts
  • Countless “practical parent tips” from parents who’ve been there

Praise for Getting Ready for Baby: The Practical Parent’s Organizer:

“This book “may just become the most important item in your life; every section gives helpful hints followed by checklists” — Big Apple Parent Magazine

“This book is “loaded with the details that concern new moms like prenatal care, delivery and all matters in between” — Nashville Parent Magazine

Getting Ready For Baby Sell Sheet (pdf)

About The Author:  
Getting Ready For Baby AuthorWhile preparing for her first pregnancy, Hélène Tragos Stelian found few useful books to help first-time parents get organized for their baby’s arrival. She created charts and checklists of her own to plan for the experience of birth and motherhood, and after lending these forms to countless friends, realized she had the beginnings of a book project. Thus, Getting Ready for Baby was born. Hélène lives in Chicago with her husband Peter and their twin girls Bianca and Indigo.


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