Women’s Fiction – Hello, Agnieszka!

hello-agnieszkaHello, Agnieszka!
Between Two Worlds, Book Two
By Evy Journey
Publisher: Sojourner Books
Published: June 2014
ISBN: 978-0996247429
Pages: 284
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Coming of Age

Elise thought she knew her mother. But when her oldest brother attempts suicide, painful secrets are about to be revealed. Agnieszka Halverson must now tell her children a past she has kept from them.

As a child in the seventies, Agnieszka discovers a passion for music when she hears her grandaunt Jola, a concert pianist in Poland, give a piano recital. Jola hones her talent and feeds her dreams. But too poor to continue professional training and with a mother who fails to support her ambitions, her dreams of being a pianist are shattered.

Agnieszka meets Lenny Weisz and they fall in love, renewing her hopes for happiness. But her hopes are thwarted  once again by forces beyond their control.

Weighed down by its roots, her family casts her aside. Can music and memories of her first love help Agnieszka make a life for herself all alone? Can she rise from the loss she has suffered and get a second chance at happiness?

Book 2 in the family saga Between Two Worlds (BTW), Hello Agnieszka explores mother-daughter relationships in a tale of a mother’s youthful dreams, thwarted and renewed amidst the exciting promise of the 70s,  In three standalone  novels of loss, love, second chances, and finding one’s way, BTW tells the stories of three strong women who cope with issues contemporary women face.

Praise for Hello, Agnieszka!
“…a beautiful narrative …an intricate, heart-wrenching coming-of-age story about family and love.”―GoodbooksToday Reviews

“…character descriptions written to perfection with a unique POV that places you deep in her thoughts and feelings.”–★★★★★Michael Alexander Beas for Readers’ Favorite

“…interesting, enlightening and, in some respects, heartbreaking. … All families struggle with issues, this one more than most.”–★★★★ Kathryn Bennett for Readers’ Favorite

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Other Books in the Between Two Worlds Series:

hello-my-love-between-two-worlds-book-1Hello, My Love
Between Two Worlds Book 1
By Evy Journey
Publisher: Sojourner Books
Published: December 2013
ISBN: 978-0996247412
Pages: 330
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Coming of Age

What would Elizabeth Bennet be like if she had been born today? What things would she have to cope with? In this modern-day tale inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, bright, beautiful law student Elise Halverson looks forward to a promising career. The last thing she needs is to fall in love with well-known playboy Greg Thorpe. Besides, he’s engaged to be married.

Greg finds Elise so unlike the women he used to date and he’s deeply intrigued. But distrusting the image she has of him, Elise tries to keep away.

Elise’s parents invite Greg to their frequent dinner parties. There, Greg and Elise butt heads. She’s surprised to find that, behind his rich playboy persona, he’s intelligent and engaging. They can’t help feeling drawn to each other.

The night before his wedding, they give in to their mutual attraction. Although Elise expects nothing more from that night, Greg is in for trouble. His jilted fiancée strikes back, intent on revenge.

Two years later Greg and Elise get a second chance but they find that the way to their happy-ever-after is not so easy. For one, Greg is in for a surprise. Then, his former fiancée comes back and trouble returns to haunt Greg and Elise again.

At the core of this women’s fiction is a literary and realistic romance spiced with a twist of mystery. Hello My Love is Book 1 in the series Between Two Worlds, a family saga about three strong women. In three tales of loss, love, second chances, and finding one’s way, they cope with issues contemporary women face.

welcome-reluctant-stranger-between-two-worlds-book-3Welcome, Reluctant Stranger
Between Two Worlds Book 3
By Evy Journey
Publisher: Sojourner Books
Published: May 2015
ISBN: 978-0996247436
Pages: 314
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Coming of Age

Leilani’s mother has never set foot in her school until the day she whisks her children out of their Pacific Island country, without their father and without explanation. Eighteen years later, Leilani just wants to leave the past behind, move forward.

She has settled peacefully in California and like her long-lost father, she heals people. But her tranquil existence is disturbed one evening.

A computer nerd and culinary whiz with a biting sense of humor, Justin is brokenhearted from the loss of his girlfriend who has left him after seven years. All he wants is to drown his sorrows. But he finds more trouble than he’s looking for when thugs assault him.

On her way home from work, Leilani sees the assault. An ace with a gun, she rescues him.

Weeks later, they meet again and find themselves attracted to each other. Fearing Justin is on the rebound, or has a rescuer complex, Leilani doesn’t want to get involved.

But Leilani cannot deny her feelings. As they begin to fall in love, her past comes back to haunt her.

A friend of her father arrives with news which forces her mother to reveal a shocking, shameful secret—the truth about the role Leilani’s father played in a deadly political web.

Can Leilani deal with the truth? But hero or villain, he is her father and only she and Justin can rescue him from the island she’d left long ago.

At the core of this women’s fiction is an Asian woman-white man interracial romance spun with international political intrigue and a young woman’s acceptance of her past. Welcome Reluctant Stranger is Book 3 in a family saga. In three tales of loss, love, second chances, and finding one’s way, three strong women cope with issues contemporary women face.

hello-agnieszka-author-evy-journeyAbout the Author:
Evy Journey is a flâneuse (a female observer-wanderer) who writes about, and illustrates (oils, pastels, digital) what she sees that intrigues her.  In a past life, with a now-dormant Ph.D., (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana), and the primacy of her left brain, she researched, evaluated and developed mental health programs. But writing was her first love.

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Coming of Age Women’s Fiction – The Color of Life

The Color of LifeThe Color of Life
Claire Soublet Book Series, Volume 2
By Claudette Carrida Jeffrey
Publisher: Carrick Publishing
Published: June 21, 2015
ISBN: 978-1772420166
Pages: 364
Genre: Coming of Age, Women’s Fiction

When 23-year-old Claire Soublet arrives in New York City to begin her new life, she has no idea that after only four days a situation will arise forcing her to return to New Orleans. Growing up mired in years of hardship and being abandoned by family through death and disinterest, she manages to scratch and claw her way out of that life. And in the process, get a college education. Back in New Orleans and not ready to succumb to her old life, she enlists the help of her high school friend. They devise a plan to, once again, get Claire out of her hometown. With their new-found relationship, they return to New York together.

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The Color of Life AuthorAbout the Author:
Claudette Carrida Jeffrey, a native New Orleanian, is a retired teacher who lives in Northern California. The Color of Life is her second book of four in the Claire Soublet Series. A Brown Paper Bag and A Fine Tooth Comb (2012) begins the coming of age story of Claire Soublet, a young Creole of Color, growing up in 1940s and 50s New Orleans.


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Coming of Age Young Adult – Still, At Your Door

Still, At Your DoorStill, At Your Door
By Emma Eden Ramos
Publisher: Writers AMuse Me Publishing
ISBN: 978-1927044940
Pages: 138
Published: November 2013
Genre: Young Adult, New Adult, Literary Fiction, Women’s Fiction

Sabrina “Bri” Gibbons has only a few short minutes to pack her things and help her sisters pack theirs before running with their mother to the bus that will whisk them away from Butler, Pennsylvania, an abusive relationship, and a secret that none of them wish to acknowledge. She was not prepared, though, for her mother to drop them on the streets of New York with the promise that she would be right back. Haunted by the sight of her mother running back to the cab, Bri, with Missy and Grace in tow, settles in with their grandparents. Thoughts of her present and her future collide with memories of her past, her dead father, and her mother’s bizarre episodes. She watches her sister’s struggle with school and acceptance, all the while knowing the lack of any sense of security will make it impossible for them to carry on as ‘normal’ children. She finally lets her guard down enough to allow someone else in and sees a faint glimmer that her dreams might be attainable. Disaster strikes again, this time targeting her sister. Is it possible for Bri to find that balance between her dreams and her family’s realities?

About the Author:
Still At Your Door AuthorEmma Eden Ramos is a writer from New York City. Her middle grade novella titled The Realm of the Lost was published in 2012 by MuseItUp Publishing. Her short stories have appeared in Stories for Children Magazine, The Legendary, The Citron Review, BlazeVOX Journal, and other journals. Ramos’ novelette, “Where the Children Play,” was included in Resilience: Stories, Poems, Essays, Words for LGBT Teens, edited by Eric Nguyen. Three Women: A Poetic Triptych and Selected Poems (Heavy Hands Ink, 2011), Ramos’ first poetry chapbook, was shortlisted for the 2011 Independent Literary Award in Poetry. Still, At Your Door: A Fictional Memoir (Writers AMuse Me Publishing, 2014) is Ramos’ third book. Emma Eden Ramos also studies psychology at Marymount Manhattan College.

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Under The Burning Sky by Olivia Bersell

Under The Burning Sky

Under the BUrning SkyBy Olivia Bersell
Published: April 2014
Pages: 86
Genre: Romance

After returning from Vietnam, Ethan Coles became a school teacher, and in 1969 he is assigned to teach on a remote cattle station in the Australian outback. As Ethan boards his plane, he’s excited about what his new country has in store for him. He is instantly drawn to the beautiful half-cast girl called Amarin, But he soon learns that his arrival at Stoney Creek is not welcomed by everyone.Growing up on Stoney Creek taught Amarin how to fend for herself, she could rope a cow and hold her own against any man. She never dreamed she’d want to seduce a man, not until she met the handsome American, Ethan Coles.

About the Author:
Olivia Bersell lives and resides in Wellington, New Zealand. She was raised on a sheep and cattle farm on the east coast of the North Island, and the experiences she had growing up there was her inspiration she drew on to writing her debut novella “Under The Burning Sky”.

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