Historical Suspense – Behold A Lone Horseman

Behold A Lone HorsemanBehold A Lone Horseman
By Jeannie Hudson
ISBN: 978-1490483528
Pages: 366
Genre: Historical Suspense

BEHOLD A LONE HORSEMAN is historical suspense set in the American West in 1876. Trained by her master photographer father, Regan, a genius with a camera herself goes West to pursue a career and forges a future she could not have fathomed when she set out on her quest.

Trained by her father, a world renowned photographer in Philadelphia, Regan Townsend. a genius with a camera herself, comes to 1876 Colorado Territory, intent on a career in a male-dominated culture. She sets to the challenge of recording for future generations, the enthralling transition from unsettled land to the tumult created by settlers and miners pouring into the American west in search of gold and land.

When she meets Aiden Endicott, a man of power and vision from England, she falls in love and finds herself a part of the massive pursuit of progress and success sweeping across the awakening land. Yet, her past throws up insurmountable obstacles. With courage and insight, and the help of men like Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok whom she encounters in her search for the finest photographs for her future exhibitions, Regan forges a future she couldn’t have fathomed when she first set out on her quest.

Behold A Lone Horseman AuthorAbout the Author:
Jeannie Hudson grew up on a Wyoming cattle ranch. After college, she began writing full-time and sold stories to national magazines, then four suspense novels with the help of an agent and since 2013, has published four suspense and historical novels. She lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota with her husband and two rambunctious beagles.



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