Sci-fi Thriller – Dark Moon: Something Out of Legend

Dark MoonDark Moon: Something Out of Legend
By C.W. Holcomb
Published: April 2016
ISBN: 978-1530439904
Pages: 144
Genre: Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-fi Thriller

Dark Moon is a Sci-fi suspense thriller about a time in the near future when creatures from ancient legends emerge from hiding to help the surviving humans fight sinister alien invaders who have begun a ground invasion of New York City and cut down all in their path with lethal energy weapons. The story centers heavily on Raziel, the last remaining Werewolf as he is forced to begin turning the human soldiers that fall in battle in order to save their lives and rekindles his kind after centuries of near extinction.

The storyline follows his ancient mind back, to bittersweet memories of his distant youth more than a thousand years before, where he had met his counterpart and soulmate Lupea, a Pure Born Werewolf like himself that he had lost to the savagery of the Wars of the Moon. As he turns an elite squad of soldiers, one by one into newborn Werewolves, his memories of her are rekindled and he is forced to feel the loss of her all over again.

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Dark Moon AuthorAbout the Author:
C.W. Holcomb’s writing style and major influences include a wide variety of well known novelists that came before him including, J.R.R Tolkien, Mary Stewart, Raymond E. Feist, C.S. Lewis, Robert Jordan, Elizabeth Hayden and Frank Herbert. The biggest influences on his style were Terry Brooks and Terry Goodkind. He has drawn inspiration for his novels from other areas as well including, animated shows and video games.

His debut novel, Dark Moon Book one of the Brotherhood of the Moon, is inspired by ancient Celtic legends about Werebeasts that stalked the forests of the Scottish Highlands on the full moon. His newly released novel, Chaos:Worlds Beyond Book one of the Reflections of Infinity Saga is deeply inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology and Lore. His works contain endearing characters that always have something special and unique that helps them survive in the brutal and unrelenting Worlds that he creates.

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Science Fiction – The Seventh Holy Man

The Seventh Holy ManThe Seventh Holy Man
By William Brazzel
Publisher: Xlibris
Published: June 2014
ISBN: 978-1499011814
Genre: Science Fiction

Demonic forces are undermining the very foundation of the Catholic Church within the Vatican and beyond. Sean Carrol, a reporter from the New York International News, has been requested to undertake the investigation of the strange occurrences within the Vatican that may ultimately lead to the destruction of the underpinnings of the church.

The investigation remains stalled until Sean stumbles upon a link between the ancient kingdom of Malar and the events occurring within the Vatican.

As he continues to surge toward an answer concerning the causes of the unnatural influences within the Vatican, Sean is threatened and attacked by allies of the church hierarchy.

Realizing the overwhelming odds to reversing the momentum of the demonic forces of the Vatican, an alliance of seven holy men is discovered. This ancient group, who represent the Seven Spirits of God, may be the only counterweight to the demonic forces that are undermining the Catholic church. In the end; however, there is no guarantee that the Seven Holy Men can reverse the onslaught of these enemies of the church.

About the Author
William Brazzel has owned a property and casualty insurance agency for over 30 years. He has wanted to write a science fiction novel since he was much younger. Unfortunately, raising a family and running a business didn’t leave much time for writing. Finally, he has written “The Seventh Holy Man” and is hard at work penning his next novel.

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Futuristic Christian Thriller – The Man of Lawlessness

The Man of lawlessnessThe Man of Lawlessness
By Alex Lindsey
Publisher: Crooked Creek Publishing
Published: February 2014
ISBN: 978-0991517800
Pages: 244
Genre: Christian Fiction, Futuristic Christian Thriller

The appearance of the antichrist, false prophet, third temple, mark of the beast, world-wide plague, and a one world government serve as the backdrop for this action packed thriller.

Full of twists, turns, romance, and the headlines of tomorrow, The Man of Lawlessness takes the reader through chase scenes in Rome, top secret laboratories, ancient secret ceremonies, survival in the Colorado Rockies, subterranean archeology, and ultimately the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The paths of FBI agent Brooke Decker and CIA agent Dillon Knowles cross while investigating different aspects of the same world events. The bond between them grows as they work together to thwart an ancient plan to rule the world – and to keep each other alive.

Also included is an excerpt from the Sons of Perdition (Release Date: March 2015)

What if: The fallen sons of god, the Bene Ha’elohim, were still with us today? Aliens were part of a great deception perpetrated by fallen angles to turn mankind away from the truth? Other dimensions really do exist and much of the war between good and evil takes place beyond our visible universe? The spirits of the Nephilim who died in the flood are the demons that plague humanity to this day?

The residents of Hell want more than worship from humans; they actually want to consume their spirits for eternity – feeding off terror, anguish, pain, and hopelessness?

In The Sons of Perdition, the new action thriller from Alex Lindsey, all these things are in play in the ultimate battle for the souls of man.

The Man of Lawlessness AuthorAbout the Author:
Alex Lindsey has worked in the fields of Space Operations, Missile Guidance, Secure Communications, and other classified programs. Many of the scenes that serve as a backdrop for the story line (i.e. surveillance ops, plane crashes, new technology exploitation, etc.) have been drawn from real-world events. Alex currently lives with his wife in the Texas Hill Country.


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Sci-fi Thriller – Soldiers of God

Soldiers of GodSoldiers of God
By Steven M. Moore
Publisher: Carrick Publishing
Published: June 2014
Genre: Sci-fi Thriller

An FBI agent sets out to solve a vicious murder in the nation’s capital. She and a priest also battle home-grown religious extremists bent on destroying DC monuments. Lurking in the background, an industrialist pulls strings in South America in pursuit of oil futures. These threads come together in an extended finale that is full of meaning for current issues.

About the Author:
Steven Moore has fifteen books–thirteen novels and two anthologies. This is a completely rewritten ebook second edition of his third book–it only appeared before in trade paperback. His various abodes and travels here and abroad and special interests are reflected in this sci-fi classic.



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