True Crime – LIST OF 10

The True Story of Serial Killer Joseph Naso
By C.L. Swinney
Publisher: RJ Parker Publishing
Published: May 2017
ISBN: 978-1987902327
Pages: 306
Genre: True Crime

“Gritty. True. Compulsively readable. This is his best book.”– Gregg Olsen, NY Times Best Selling Author

A narcissistic professional photographer lived a dangerous double life as a serial killer. He’d focus his rage on prostitutes mostly. It wasn’t uncommon for him to bring them home then try to explain why they were there to his wife.

Sexual urges met, the killer would strangle his victims and dump their bodies in places he knew the police would eventually find them. The evil murderer needed the world to know that he was smarter than the police and women meant nothing to him but a necessary sexual inconvenience.

Then, by a stroke of chance and aggressive police work, the wheels of justice stumbled upon a lead. It was nothing more than a lined sheet of paper that read, “List of 10,” but shortly after its discovery, a task force was created and a serial killer was nabbed.

This book is about the victims he left behind, not the person who took their lives. I will never condone such actions, nor will I try to rationalize his behavior. He will go to the grave, hopefully sooner rather than later, knowing the identity of four women from his fabled List of 10. It’s his sick way of showing people he’s still in charge.

His name is Joseph Naso, and this book will grip you from the beginning and won’t let you go until the final word.


List of 10 Media Kit
LIST OF 10 Media Kit

Praise for List of 10:
“C. L. Swinney writes with a cop’s eye for the telling detail. He’s the real deal.”–Steve Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of A Clockwork Murder.

“Gritty. True. Compulsively readable. This is his best book.”– Gregg Olsen, NY Times Best Selling Author

“Current law enforcement officer C.L. Swinney has put years of research into the bizarre case of serial killer Joseph Naso — the California Alphabet Killer — who had been murdering women since the 1970s but was only brought to justice in 2011. Swinney’s “List of 10″ is compellingly written in the tradition of classic hard-boiled true crime writing with the insights of a cop.”–Peter Vronsky: Author of Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters AND Times Square Torso Ripper

List of 10 Author C.L. SwinneyAbout the Author:
Chris Swinney, aka C. L. Swinney, currently works as a deputy sheriff in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has written the following true crime books:

Robert Pickton: The Pig Farmer Serial Killer
The Killer Handyman: The True Story of William Patrick Fyfe
Robert Black: The True Story of a Child Rapist and Serial Killer
Deadly Voices: The True Story of Herbert Mullin
Peter Manuel: The Beast of Birkenshaw
Cleophus Prince: The Clairemont Killer
James Fairweather: Britain’s Youngest Serial Killer
Monster: The True Story of Peter Kurten

Chris also wrote a highly-successful and best-selling crime fiction series. The following are the four novels in his police procedural series:

Gray Ghost
The Cartel Enforcers
Sin City Assassin
Full Circle

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True Crime – Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer?

Whatever Happened to the Zodiac KillerWhatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer?
By Katherin B. Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Xulon Press
Published: April 2014
ISBN: 978-1629525624
Pages: 329
Genre: True Crime

One of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time!

So, whatever happened to the Zodiac Killer who haunted the San Francisco Bay Area from 1969 to the night of his sudden disappearance in 1978? He cleverly manipulated and taunted the emotions of the public through the newspapers, and mocked and scorned the police he called “The Keystone Cops” and the “Blue Meanies.” He egotistically announced, “You will never capture me!” It seemed that he was right. The Zodiac always had the “Phantom advantage” in every circumstance, and escaped. He was definitely one of the most demonic individuals on earth, as he spoke often in his letters to the public and the police about “the monster within me . . . I cannot stop!”

One night a couple who had just gotten out of a late night church service suddenly encountered him. They ultimately wound up getting into a high speed chase with him. When it was between him and this couple, and ultimately their family, a supernatural occurrence happened! Based on a true story and actual events!

About the Author:
Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer AuthorKatherin (“Kathie”) FitzPatrick has been a professional level writer since her high school years. In her adult life this led to a long career as a television producer, writer and on-camera talent for a prominent Christian television network in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, she is working in Real Estate and income properties and is an entrepreneur. She resides in the Pacific Northwest with her family, and participates in various ministry ventures. Katherin is open and available for speaking engagements and radio programs.



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