Self-Help – Happy Habits

Happy Habits Happy Habits
Energize Your Career and Life in 4 Minutes a Day
By Vicki Morris
Publisher: InspiredWork
Published: November 2015
ISBN: 978-0996869713
Pages: 180
Genre: Self-Help, Happiness, Personal Success

Learn to be Happier in Just 4 Minutes a Day

Are you unhappy with your work?  Disappointed with your life?

Have you been looking for a new job, relationship or move to make you happier and still feel the same a few months after you get it?

If so, then maybe it’s time to try a new approach.

Author and Career Happiness Coach, Vicki Morris, is here to show us that we have the power to be happy now -within ourselves in the present moment.  All we have to do is change our mindset and a few daily habits.

The key to success is to build energy-raising habits into our day so that we can become happier – no matter what our situation is.  Happy Habits provides a fast, easy and effective way to deliver the needed energy and happiness boosts in just 4 minutes a day.  The Happy Habit Method™ works because it combines proven happiness practices with a scientific habit creation method, which has been tested in the real world.

Inside this book you will discover:

  • Why Happy Habits are the fastest and easiest way to be happier
  • 40 ways to energize your career and life
  • The proven science behind Happy Habits
  • How to create your own Happy Habits
  • An eight-week guide to building permanent Happy Habits
  • And Much More

Imagine waking up each day excited to get started instead of struggling to find the energy to get out of bed. Think about having a coworker ask you why you are smiling more. These can happen to you, if you adopt the Happy Habits in this book.

Life is too short to feel like every day you are just getting by. The sooner you get Happy Habits, the sooner you will be able to transform the quality of your career and life and start feeling happier.

Don’t Put Off Your Chance at Being Happier Now. Get This Book Today.

Recent Praise for Happy Habits:
“Vicki Morris helps you chunk positive psychology habits into manageable sizes to help you create and sustain positive change.” – Shawn Achor, happiness researcher and NY Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage

Happy Habits AuthorAbout the Author:
Vicki Morris is the Career Happiness Coach, founder of and creator of the InspiredWork™ Career Transformation System, blending twenty-five years of experience as a high tech hiring manager, inspirational business leader, brand strategist, career mentor, and spiritual practitioner. InspiredWork helps professionals raise their energy with Happy Habits and create their own inspired work and brand so they can be happy at work and love their life.

Prior to InspiredWork, Vicki was the founder and CEO of a global marketing agency. Before that, she was VP of Marketing at several Global 2000 and Inc. 500 software companies. Earlier in her career, she launched Java at Sun and was awarded the President’s Award. Vicki started her career at Oracle, while completing her MBA at the University of Chicago. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. During her career, Vicki published numerous articles and presented at conferences in more than 30 countries.

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Motivational/Self-Help – Twelve Qualities of Highly Successful People

Twelve Qualities of Highly Successful PeopleTwelve Qualities of Highly Successful People
And How YOU Can Develop These 12 Qualities
By Sati Achath
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: December 2014
ISBN: 978-1490534930
Pages: 224
Genre:  Self-Help, Motivational

12 Qualities of Highly Successful People is an inspiring and captivating book. In this book Sati explains the winning qualities of 130 highly successful people, including Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steven Spielberg, Jim Carrey, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sergey Brin & Larry Page (Google), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), and Jeff Bezos (

‘Common Traits’ and ‘You Too Can Develop’ sections in each chapter are step-by-step blueprints that will help you learn these great qualities which can unlock your potential and transform your life.

Twelve Qualities of Highly Successful People Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Twelve Qualities of Highly Successful People AuthorSati Achath is a motivational speaker, author, cartoonist, caricaturist, hand shadow puppeteer, ventriloquist, and magician. He has been recognized by the U.S. Government as a ‘Person of Extraordinary Ability’. Sati is the author of four other books: 18 Simple Steps for Efficient Time Management, Hollywood Celebrities: Basic Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know, Fun with Hand Shadows, and a children’s book, Danny, Which Wheel Do You Like Best. Sati works as a Project Evaluation Specialist for the World Bank in Washington, D.C. He holds four master’s degrees and speaks six languages. So far Sati has traveled to 57 countries. This international experience has given him a broad vision and perspective on life. Sati was a quarter-finalist on NBC’s 2008 America’s Got Talent, and he has been featured on The Late Show with David Letterman, CNN, ABC, CBS, and many other television channels in the U.S. and abroad. Sati has been written about in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Baltimore Sun, National Geographic World, Orlando Sentinel, Men’s Health, The Economic Times, Hong Kong Standard, Saudi Gazette, India Today, Khaleej Times (UAE), and many other newspapers and magazines around the world.

Sati was the editorial cartoonist for ‘Northern Star’ newspaper in Dekalb, Illinois, and his cartoons and caricatures have been published in more than 25 US national newspapers.

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