Private Investigator – A Wake in Chinatown

A Wake in ChinatownA Wake in Chinatown
A Honolulu Private Investigator Novella, Book 1
By A.P. Pierce
Published: April 2016
Pages: 155
Genre: Private Investigators, Mystery

Private Investigator Brad Hunter built his one-man detective agency after losing his job with the Honolulu Police Department. Most of the mysteries he investigates now are Chinatown waitresses and seedy bars in hopes of finding new thrills in life. That is until he stumbles onto two of his biggest cases in months: a missing little girl, and the murder of a prostitute.

Chasing down one lead after another in both crimes, he plays a deadly game of suspense with an alluring second grade school teacher with a penchant for passing bad checks, and a seductive waitress who just happens to be the dead hooker’s best friend. It doesn’t take long to discover how deep both mysteries go into Honolulu’s society.

With his tongue in cheek humorous approach to adventure, a .38 Special in its holster, and a vintage red Camaro, Hunter speeds through Honolulu streets fighting crime and chasing women, never daring to let go of either.

If you enjoy exciting action fiction set in Hawaii, you’ll like “A Wake in Chinatown”!

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About the Author:
AP PIERCE has had many jobs in his life, in health care, commercial fishing, private security, construction, teaching English, black marketeering, and a short stint in drag racing. Now he writes novels. Happily married, he grew up in Los Angeles, has lived in the Northwest US, New Mexico, Egypt, and China. Currently, his family calls Honolulu home.

Semi-officially retired, he enjoys fishing, hiking, and finding the best noodle houses in Hawaii. He writes thrillers and mysteries under several monikers. “A Wake in Chinatown” is the first book he has written using AP PIERCE as a pen name.

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