Historical Women’s Fiction – After Midnight

After MidnightAfter Midnight
By Diane Shute
Publisher: She Writes Press
Published: September 2014
ISBN: 978-1631529139
Pages: 394
Genre: Historical Fiction, Women’s Literature, Young Adult

When horse breeder Alix is forced to temporarily swap places with her estranged twin sister—the wife of an English lord—her forgotten past begins to resurface. A humorous historical fiction mystery with charismatic, realistic characters, After Midnight offers the young adult and woman’s fiction market a fresh, engaging perspective.

Recent Praise for After Midnight:

“If you are a devotee of Jane Austen, the Bronte Sisters, and gothic romance novels, you will love After Midnight. Pick up the book and, like a great gothic read, you won’t want to put it down till you get to end! It is filled with suspense, mystery, a wonderful confusion of love and lovers, and all written in an elegant style that shines with the language of the times. Enjoy!” —Ismana Carney, PhD and author of Women’s Ways With Fire 9781631529184 “Inspired and enlightening…” —Forbes.com

About the Author:
After Midnight AuthorDiane Shute grew up in the Salinas Valley in the shadow of creative giants like John Steinbeck and Alfred Hitchcock–and her father inspired her to write before she could even read. She still lives in Central California, and has written After Midnight for her children and grandchildren, hoping to inspire a future generation to create literary art.



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Historical Murder Mystery – Harrington Manor

Harrington ManorHarrington Manor
By Ronald M. James
Publisher: Mythic Dragon Publisher
Published: May 2014
ISBN: 978-1499366204
Pages: 277
Genre: Family Saga, Murder Mystery, Historical Mystery

Harrington Manor is a novel set in 1923, Orange County, CA. A family saga about the very rich turned ugly by greedy siblings, all for money, which leads to murder.

The family consists of the Patriarch, retired Army Colonel, Peter Westcott Harrington, his wife, Corinna, affectingly called Cora, an eldest son, Sheppard, known as Shep to his friends, second son Reginald, but called Reggie, a sister named Margo and finally twenty-one year old Orson, constantly reminded by Shep as the family’s baby.

Being rich, the idle siblings have nothing to do except scheme to acquire Peter’s wealth that they thought he had in the orange groves, but little did they grasp about true finance.

There are two budding love stories that survive the upheaval in spite of all the mayhem twirling around the Manor after the first death of the Patriarch.
The county sheriff is called, and he summoned the coroner. Then a real homicide detective was called from Los Angeles, Sidney Snipes, a no nonsense policeman and he strips away their comfortable mores and exposes their innermost secrets.

Harrington Manor AuthorAbout the Author:
Ronald James was born during the great depression, and as a toddler watched WPA men build a new street, from his home’s big front window. His playmates were a red rider wagon, a small black satchel and rocks. By using his imagination he had conversations with mythical street workers that soon bloomed into fashioned fantasies by age four. He used cardboard boxes to create fun spaces for his neighborhood playmates to enjoy and he kept telling stories all through high school. In college he abandoned writing and studied architecture. James had a successful architectural career and retired, however he wanted to keep his creative juices fluent, so he returned to his childhood story telling days and joined a writers group. Like architecture, each day he couldn’t wait to create, finish, and start new stories—like this book, Harrington Manor.

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Historical Fiction – The C Enigma

The C EnigmaThe C Enigma
By Spiros Gratsias
ISBN: 978-1499625608
Published: August 2014
Pages: 312
Genre: Historical Fiction

A particular brand of evil has reared its ugly head at certain points throughout history, and humanity must fight to keep it in check. This balance is sometimes managed on the scale of world wars, but it can also come down to an individual’s actions. The C ENIGMA explores the premise that one man’s courage can influence the outcome of a war on evil as large and powerful as Hitler’s Nazism. Chance—or perhaps fate—leads Matthias Adkins up to his grandfather’s attic, where he discovers a hidden picture of Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the head of the German secret service during WWII. A few other items reveal that his grandfather has left him a set of riddles that will lead him through three time periods—1945, 1988, and 2008—on a hunt for his family’s identity and his own destiny…which turns out to be a destiny beyond his wildest dreams.

The C Enigma Sell Sheet (pdf)

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About the author:
The C Enigma authorSpiros Gratsias is a native of Montreal, Canada, born to Greek immigrants. He moved back to Greece twenty years ago and has been living there ever since. Gratsias has a master’s degree in manufacturing technology and thirty-five years’ experience in the aerospace and consumer goods industries. An amateur painter and dedicated student of history, he devotes much of his time to reading and writing.


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