Children’s/Middle Grade Sci-Fi Adventure

Time TrapTime Trap
Richard Smith
Publisher: FastPrint Publishing
ISBN: 978-1780353852
Pages: 322
Genre: Children, Middle Grade, Sci-fi Adventure

Who was the mysterious Hector Lightfoot? What was he up to when he disappeared, and who were the two ghosts once seen in his house? School friends Jamie and Todd are destined to find out when they go to London to spend a weekend with Jamie’s Uncle Simon, who now lives in that very house. Soon after they arrive, Jamie has a frightening encounter with the two ghosts. Hector, a veteran from the First Afghan War, joined a covert expedition to China, and afterwards worked on a secret Government project in an underground lab at the British Museum. He vanished suddenly, and was never heard from again. Simon takes the boys to the lab, where they find a strange contraption – which, unknown to any of them, is a time-travel device. When the building is struck by lightning, the device is energized, and sends the boys back in time to the year 1862. There, surrounded by danger and exposed to disease, they are sucked into a life of crime in order to survive. Only if they can find Hector will they have any chance of getting home again, but he’s gone into hiding. As Jamie and Todd struggle to find him, Jamie becomes convinced that the two ghosts he saw earlier are following them…

Time Trap Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Time Trap Author

Richard Smith’s motto is: Never give up; it can happen. And his first book, Time Trap, is proof of that.

Born in London, the youngest of three children, Richard has loved writing stories since he was nine; and regularly got top marks for his essays at school – where his favourite subject was English. After leaving school, he worked in a succession of dead-end jobs. None brought him as much satisfaction as writing – which he kept up, with his mother’s constant encouragement. Richard credits her father, a taxi driver, who enjoyed writing as a hobby, for his talent with words.

Researching and writing Time Trap took many years of hard work – which Richard describes as a labour of love. One of his proudest moments came when he returned to his junior school to read extracts of the story to 9-year-old pupils, who loved it. He polished up the MS, self-published in 2012, and created the Time Trap Trail for young readers to follow and convinced both the British Museum and the Museum of Childhood to stock the book.

Another success has been finally finding a job he enjoys – working as a building manager, which gives him the opportunity to work on his second book: The Darziod’s Stone.

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Time Trap Trail

Imagine reading a book, then visiting the very places where the story happened; it would almost be like going on a virtual-reality tour. With Time Trap, you can do just that, and see the London locations where this exciting adventure is set.

The Trail is an adventure, too – but not just anyone can go on it. You will have to read the story first, and find in it two keywords that will unlock the code, and allow access. So read the book, crack the code and follow in Jamie’s and Todd’s footsteps as they were hurled back to 1862, when the streets of London were shrouded with smog, and danger lurked at every turn.

Following the Time Trap Trail will show you a very different London – one that few may know. You’ll visit the scenes of all the crimes that Jamie and Todd were involved in when they had to join the Holton Gang, and see where the gang’s hideout was. You’ll go to the church they took refuge in, and find the location of the Secret Operations Bureau by the Thames. (And beside the river will be a great spot to stop and enjoy a packed lunch!) On the Trail, you will also see the real Temple Bar, which has been moved from its original spot. You’ll follow the getaway route the boys took when Billy stole the case from the coaching inn. And you’ll get to see magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral – and many, many more locations featured in the book. Plus, there’s an added guide to other attractions along the way.

Although not all the landmarks in the book are still here, while you travel around London, you will learn more about the city. See the contrasting parts of the metropolis – the grand buildings of Bloomsbury, including Bedford Square and the British Museum; the bridges over the River Thames, and the big, bustling shops on Oxford Street.

There are two Time Trap Trails. ‘The Trail’ which will take around 1.5 hours to complete and is perfect for school trips or those short on time! Then there is ‘The Grand Trail’, which will take about 5 hours. This is for the adventurers among you and is a full day out. These times are without taking breaks, so factor this in to your day. You’ll need sharp eyes too – because on each Trail through London, there are questions for you to answer relating to some locations. If you complete the quiz correctly you’ll receive a certificate.

Time Trap Trails Sheet (pdf)



MG/YA Fantasy Adventure – Jeff Madison and the Shimmers of Drakmere

Jeff Madison and the Shimmers of DrakmereJeff Madison and the Shimmers of Drakmere
By Bernice Fischer
Publisher: Quickfox Publishing
Published: September 2014
ISBN: 978-0620615549
Pages: 285
Genre: Middle Grad/Young Adult  (age 8+) Fantasy, Adventure,

“Jeff Madison and the Shimmers of Drakmere” is a wonderful story about a 12 year old boy, trapped in the magical world of Drakmere with a conniving king, an evil witch and a flying Dragon, trying to rescue his younger brother. Soon Jeff faces a choice: he can go through the Moonglow doorway into the perils of Drakmere or stay at home and risk the possibility of never seeing his brother again. Time is running out and Jeff must make his choice before the last of the moonbeams passes and the doorway closes forever…

Recent Praise:
“The story is very strong,… it’s riveting… the dialogue compelling and the scenes are tense.” -Jim Thayer Wikipedia

“This action-fuelled read packs punch with its jump-off-the-page characters. I love the writing, the magic, and above all, the humour!” -Maya Fowler

Jeff Madison and the Shimmers of Drakmere Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Jeff Madison and the Shimmers of Drakmere authorBernice Fischer (1969) was born in Middelburg, Mpumalanga and grew up in Tzaneen, and then later Johannesburg, South Africa. For 20 years Bernice worked in secretarial positions for various large corporations such as De Beers Consolidated and Gem Diamonds. Today she lives in Cape Town and partners in an online booking agency for South African Railways where she works full time as an Admin Director. Her first book, “JEFF MADISON and the Shimmers of Drakmere,” Teen & YA fantasy, has received great reviews from very well respected people in the industry, most notably Jim “James” Thayer (Wikipedia), author of 13 critically acclaimed novels and literary lecturer at the University of Washington.

To be a published author “one day” was always her dream. She is busy writing the second novel in the JEFF MADISON series, due for release mid 2015.

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YA/MG Fantasy – Bobby Ether and the Academy

Bobby Ether and the AcademyBobby Ether and the Academy
by R Scott Boyer
ISBN: 978-1482084825
Published: September 2013
Pages: 366
Genre: YA Fantasy, Middle Grade Fantasy

“There is no such thing as magic.” That’s what the mysterious stranger named Cassandra tells Bobby after helping him narrowly escape from the small army of secret agents who surround his house. What follows is an amazing adventure – from indoor forests to vast archives, from a labyrinth of jade mines to the dark recesses of a bear’s lair. Along the way, Bobby will learn that, while there may be no such thing as magic, there is powerful energy within us all. In fact, the entire universe is connected by energy – and he has the rare ability to control it.

Join Bobby and his best friend Jinx as they avoid school bullies, a suspected assassin, and meta-human henchmen alike to unravel the many mysteries of the Academy – the ancient and enigmatic monastery in Tibet where kids with extraordinary potential are sent to study. But is the Academy truly what it claims to be?

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Coming Soon:

Bobby Ether and the Academy2Bobby Ether and the Temple of Eternity
By R Scott Boyer
Date Published: expected late Sept. ’14
ISBN: 1499558961
No of pages: 267
Genre(s): young adult, middle grade, contemporary fantasy, spiritual fiction

Picking up where Bobby Ether and the Academy left off, this supercharged sequel finds Bobby heading to Guatemala, where a group of missing children has been taken to a secret location in the heart of a deadly rainforest–La Muerte Verde.

Bobby and Jinx continue their exploration of the wondrous world of earth energies and spiritual connections as they work together against the nefarious forces of the Core to find and rescue their imprisoned companions.

New friends and powerful foes join the fray in this action-packed adventure, entangling Bobby in a cryptic prophecy of life and death. The natives may be on his side, but mystic barriers, killer snakes, and raging rivers still bar his path. In the end, it’s up to Bobby and company to unravel the hidden secrets of an ancient Mayan temple—where they discover none other than the legendary Fountain of Youth!

About the Author:
Bobby Ether and the Academy AuthorScott Boyer grew up in Santa Monica, CA and still resides in the Los Angeles area. Graduating from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley in 1996, he started writing with the goal of blending YA fantasy with spiritual fiction.

Nowadays, Scott splits his time between helping his father manage an insurance brokerage, playing with his Shepherd-mix rescue dog Patch, and writing.



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