Memoir – As Ever, Pudd

As Ever, PuddAs Ever, Pudd
By Anita Ann Caruso
Publisher: SDP Publishing
Published: March 2014
ISBN: 978-0991159703
Pages: 227
Genre: Memoir

It’s difficult to pretend you love someone when you don’t. It’s even harder to pretend you don’t love someone when you do.

To whom do we belong? To our spouses or to each other?

As Ever, Pudd is a romantic love story told in letters. Why would two people married for a total of over 50 years to other spouses travel down a path that was destined to change their lives forever? Their heart-wrenching journey of pain, anger and sorrow, the lives they were responsible for tearing apart and the fear of losing it all. This memoir continues on to span their “happily ever after” 25 year marriage until her husband’s death in 2007. It goes on to describe the social aspects of widowhood and the after-death communications that have allowed her to remain connected to him in spirit. These communications became their dance between heaven and earth. The title says it all “A Love Story That Never Ends” is the theme throughout the book. It’s a love that will last forever.

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About the Author:
AS Ever Pudd AuthorAnita A. Caruso was an interior decorator for over 40 years and a columnist for the Cape Cod Digest magazine, writing a series of weekly articles pertaining to her profession. This led her to express her talents in writing and lecturing before diverse groups. Her artistic expressions were developed earlier in her life through fashion modeling and theater.

Anita was a member of the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Cape Cod and was one of the finalists for Woman of the Year, 1975. In 1986, she founded Investments Unlimited of Cape Cod. The club, made up of thirteen professional women, just celebrated its 27th year.

Anita has been actively involved in a weekly writing group for six years. She is also a member of the Cape Cod Writers Center. Anita lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and has been honored for outstanding Excellence and Dedication to her Profession and the Achievement of Women for 2013-2014. She is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

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Christian Living/Relationships – Why Am I Still Single?

Why Am I Still SingleWhy Am I Still Single?: Advice for Christian Single Women
By Winnie Mbala
Publisher: Xulon Press
Published: September 2014
ISBN: 978-1498411448 (pb)
ISBN: 978-1498411455 (hc)
Pages: 256
Genre: Christian Living, Relationships

Winnie Mbala shares encouraging words to those that need them the most – Christian singles. The author’s new book, Why am I still single? Advice for Christian single women guides single women, specifically, on the correct path to what God has in store for them. The essence of this book is to usher readers into their individual, God-ordained destinies. The author rightly insists that “Mr. Right” will always be drawn to the woman who is operating in her divine gifts and services for the Lord.

“Single women will stand strong through enlightenment in this book, and will be able to discover their calling or talent, and begin pursuing it happily,” states the author. “Be found by your Mr. Right doing what God created you to do.”

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About the Author:
Why Am I Still Single AuthorAuthor Winnie Mbala is a mother and preacher of the word in the healing ministry. She holds a BA degree and Post graduate in International Relations. She holds an MBA in leading innovation and change. She is also an alumni of Benny Hinn School of Ministry. Winnie is widely traveled and has a deep passion to help women reach their potential in God. Besides writing she is a singer, song writer and a speaker.


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