Historical Western/Romance – Desperate Straits

Desperate StraitsDesperate Straits
By Janet Squires
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Published: September 2015
ISBN: 978-1633557550
Pages: 338
Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Western

Arizona Territory 1887…

An immigrant Irish girl and a veteran lawman battle for their lives when they stand between one man’s obsession and the Lost Adams gold.

Nineteen year-old Sarah Ryan sets forth alone from Ireland to make a new life on her sister’s homestead, but her future is shattered by gunfire. Determined to raise her orphaned nephew, Sarah struggles to overcome the hardships of life on a cattle ranch, confront a venomous town sheriff, and bridle her desire for a mysterious Texas Ranger.

When whispers of a long-lost treasure reach her enemy’s ears, Sarah must steel herself to fight a killer’s obsession.

From Award winning author Janet Squires — A tale of intrigue, murder, and life on the frontier…

Recent Praise for Desperate Straits:
“If you like westerns filled with terrific character development and gripping action scenes, believable dialogue and touches of humour, then, like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading this book.” – Steve M, Western Fiction Review

Desperate Straits Media Kit
Desperate Straits Media Kit

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Desperate Straits AuthorAbout the Author:
Janet Squires writes fiction and nonfiction for adults and children. Her passion for the historic West is inspired by stories of how her Irish & Cherokee family pioneered their way through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona as ranchers, miners and lawmen.



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