Inspirational Fiction – Under the Influence

Under the InfluenceUnder the Influence
By Wanda B. Campbell
Publisher: Micah 6:8 Books
Release Date: February 2017
ISBN: 978-0989796835 (ebook)
Pages: 276
Genre: Inspirational Fiction, Christian Fiction

Alexander Bennett has always lived a privileged lifestyle, despite the challenges of being biracial and reared by a single parent in an urban city. With his mother’s unwavering love and devotion guiding him, Alex excels, and is on a fast track to financial success when he meets the beautiful, intelligent, and independent, Tamara Jackson.

In his quest for love and success, Alex makes an unlikely enemy–someone he loves and holds dear to his heart. Insecurity and denial prevent Alex from accepting the one-sided relationship for what it is, and places him in danger of losing unconditional love and acceptance from the one who holds his heart. Lies unravel, and hidden secrets are revealed, as Alex tries to balance truth with fantasy.

Will the lies and manipulation end before Alex loses everything, including his mind?

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Under the Influence Author Wanda B. CampbellAbout the Author:
Wanda B. Campbell is the author of ten award-winning Christian Fiction novels. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family. Along with writing, Wanda enjoys mentoring youth and traveling.

Wanda B. Campbell’s literary achievements include: Mommy’s Present, a short story appearing in the anthology The Midnight Clear, November 2006, First Sunday in October, January 2007, Crusin for Christ I Short Story Contest winner with Illusions, which landed a multi-book deal with Urban Christian. Illusions, the novel, February 2009, Right Package, Wrong Baggage, August 2010, Silver Lining, August 2011, Kayla’s Redemption, January 2012, Unresolved Issues, August 2012, Liberation, December 2012, and Doin’ Me, April 2013. Her tenth novel, Back to Me will release November 2014.

Wanda is a two-time winner of the Urban Reviews Top Shelf Book Award, two-time winner of Coffee Time Romance’s Critical Review Award, and a three-time Black Expressions Book Club Bestselling Author. She has appeared on the BCNN1/BCBC National Bestselling List multiple times and was nominated at the 2011 African American Literary Awards Show in the Christian Fiction category.

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Coming of Age Women’s Fiction – The Color of Life

The Color of LifeThe Color of Life
Claire Soublet Book Series, Volume 2
By Claudette Carrida Jeffrey
Publisher: Carrick Publishing
Published: June 21, 2015
ISBN: 978-1772420166
Pages: 364
Genre: Coming of Age, Women’s Fiction

When 23-year-old Claire Soublet arrives in New York City to begin her new life, she has no idea that after only four days a situation will arise forcing her to return to New Orleans. Growing up mired in years of hardship and being abandoned by family through death and disinterest, she manages to scratch and claw her way out of that life. And in the process, get a college education. Back in New Orleans and not ready to succumb to her old life, she enlists the help of her high school friend. They devise a plan to, once again, get Claire out of her hometown. With their new-found relationship, they return to New York together.

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The Color of Life AuthorAbout the Author:
Claudette Carrida Jeffrey, a native New Orleanian, is a retired teacher who lives in Northern California. The Color of Life is her second book of four in the Claire Soublet Series. A Brown Paper Bag and A Fine Tooth Comb (2012) begins the coming of age story of Claire Soublet, a young Creole of Color, growing up in 1940s and 50s New Orleans.


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Literary Fiction – The Trees Outside

The Trees OutsideThe Trees Outside
By Andrea N. Carr
Published: 06/01/2015
ASIN: The Trees Outside
Pages: 19
Genre: Literary Fiction, African-American Fiction, Philosophy

Often as human beings we find ourselves on the outside looking in on a given situation: a friend’s problems with work, the death of a distant relative, even watching police rush to a major car accident. However, one of the most difficult aspects of humanity is being able to look within ourselves and be honest about what we see there.

The Trees Outside is an introspective look at those forces affecting the character Angel Harper, from Andrea N. Carr’s debut novel Family Tree the Novel: Family Tree. Here, she not only helps readers look introspectively at Angel’s life through her poetry and previously edited material, but she reveals the naked truth about her writing as a medium for self-expression.

“This is a must read for all readers new or familiar with Family Tree the Novel. Miss Carr bears her soul and that of Angel’s in a truly enlightening short work.” ~ M.J. Moores, OCT


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The Trees Outside AuthorAbout the Author:
Andrea N. Carr is a born storyteller.

Her soul carries the passions and disappointments of a nation and her writing bares faultless witness to the truths of our time. Her profound insights into the human condition echo Alice Munro, The Color Purple and J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. With pace that has been compared to Raymond Carver.

This new indie author has been writing emotionally driven, self exploratory stories since 1999 from her homes in Orange County. Growing up in Huntington Beach, she later moved to Los Angeles California after leaving a Mental Health Career, as a Psychiatric Technician for the State of CA. Miss Carr now resides in Joshua Tree CA after, living in Malaga, Spain where she finished her debut title.

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Urban Family Saga – Behind Closed Doors

behind Close Doors 2Behind Closed Doors 2
Dana’s Story
By A.L. Smith
Publisher: Breaking the Line Books
Published: January 2016
ISBN: 978-0692610787
Genre: Urban Family Saga

“The love of money is the root to all evil, but poverty and wealth are its greatest companions…” ~ A.L. Smith

Human trafficking is often considered an international phenomenon and women from third world countries are the first images that come to mind. However, “familial human trafficking” is a more intimate crime due to the dynamics of the underlying relationships. Human trafficking is one of the largest criminal entities in the country today, second only to drug trafficking…200,000 cases reported each year. Abject poverty, visible obscurity and other socioeconomic disparities are contributing factors.

Behind Closed Doors 2 is the riveting tale of one little girl’s struggle to overcome circumstances beyond her control. Born and raised on the ruthless streets of East St Louis, Dana Toussaint was accustomed to a life of privilege, thanks to her father, a Haitian-born immigrant and notorious drug lord. Dana’s mother, a materialistic southern belle from South Louisiana, is consumed by the good life, as memories of her upbringing in an East New Orleans housing project become a distant memory.

In spite of the similarities between the Haitian and Louisiana Creole cultures, the marriage unravels and the unthinkable occurs when Dana’s father abruptly abandons the family. At the age of 12, Dana becomes the ultimate sacrifice and her mother brokers the deal.

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Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors
By A.L. Smith
Publisher: Breaking the Line Books
Published: September 2015
ISBN: 9780692534694
Genre: Urban Family Saga

For Sierra, Alex and Latrice, the innocence of childhood was lost at an early age. Choosing significantly different paths, they struggle to deal with the psychological effects of abuse. The three are eventually driven apart and they transition into womanhood carrying a secret that would influence their lives and threaten to destroy their family. Through a series of unlikely circumstances, the three are reunited. The meeting would ultimately set the stage for atonement.

Recent Praise for Behind Closed Doors:
“This book is the perfect example of a page turner…”
The author writes in a matter-of-fact way without resorting to explicit sex scenes. The use of dialogue is superb. There is just the right blend of description and dialogue so that the reader gets a clear picture of the ways that sexual abuse is subtly tolerated by the family.

The characters are well developed. As you can imagine, the choices they make are often far from ideal, but their actions fit perfectly within the storyline. The chapters alternate between each girl’s points of view. I can see why the author chose this plot device, as the reader is able to see the women’s parallel progression through the years. This book deserves nothing less than 4 out of 4 stars The author should be commended for shining a light on a sensitive topic by crafting an interesting, believable tale. I would recommend this book to anyone who appreciates good writing, particularly about a subject that is too often swept under the rug.

“Behind Closed Doors is one of those you have to read novels…” African American On The Move Book Club (AAMBC)
A novel that contains the stories of three different women who have suffered in ways their friends and family never knew about. Each woman’s story is realistic, sad, painful, but shows how one can overcome what has happened to her. I found these words inspiring. A.L. Smith has beautifully woven together a novel that will touch the hearts of many and inspires women everywhere. I highly recommend Behind Closed Doors to readers worldwide. It’s a novel readers can’t miss. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars for its powerfully written message to all.

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Behind Closed Doors AuthorAbout the Author:
Dr. A.L. Smith read her first full-length novel (The Boxcar Children, by Gertrude Chandler Warner) in the third grade and it spawned her passion for reading. According to Dr. Smith, the hallmark of a great story is the resounding presence of a character that transcends the final pages of the book.

Dr. Smith is a native of Frierson, La. She attended Grambling State University on a basketball scholarship and later joined the school’s Army ROTC program. Upon graduation in 1996, she became the university’s first Army ROTC cadet to receive a commission in the Army Nurse Corps. She’s a practicing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with a Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice degree from Texas Wesleyan University. Her research study (“Evidence-Based Selection of Sedation Agents for Patients Undergoing Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography”) was selected for publication in the 2016 edition of the Journal of Gastroenterology Nursing issue 39 volume 2.In 2010, she participated in humanitarian relief efforts during the devastating earthquake in Haiti and provided anesthesia services to a countless number of victims, many of whom were children. This experience would have a profound impact on her views concerning socioeconomic disparities here in the U.S. and countries abroad. She’s a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and takes seriously the organization’s motto “Service to all mankind”.

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