Education/Test Prep – How to Write a Killer SAT Essay

How to Write a Killer SAT EssayHow to Write a Killer SAT Essay
By Tom Clements
Publisher: Hit ‘Em Up
ISBN: 978-0578076652
Pages: 172
Genre: Education/Test-Prep

How to Write a Killer SAT Essay is the only award-winning book with dozens of real essays written by real students. The net is full of abstract information on WHAT to write about when constructing an SAT essay —¬† this book is full of information on exactly HOW to write it. The author includes dozens of top-scoring, detailed essays from students of his who have put his principles into practice.

When you see step-by-step instructions on HOW someone has put an essay together, it’s much more valuable than simply knowing “what” the principles of good writing entail. This book is also full of practical advice on the seven Rules of Engagement students need to know about when constructing an essay. These seven rules provide a clear and comprehensive writing methodology that every student can follow to obtain a top-scoring SAT essay.

A “Snapshot” chapter provides a complete sample essay from start to finish with all the component pieces highlighted and analyzed for impact. Examples of introductory paragraphs full of quotes and anecdotes are included along with an entire chapter of prefabricated content with student paragraphs from history, literature, pop culture, music, sports, movies, and technology. Finally, a chapter entitled “Spin the Prompt” demonstrates how to take any SAT prompt and “spin” it to the content examples you’ve prefabricated.

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About the Author:
How to Write a Killer SAT Essay AuthorTom Clements is a former college English teacher who has helped hundreds of students ace their SAT tests. In particular, his students dominate the SAT essay, consistently scoring in double digits. His recent book, “How to Write a Killer SAT Essay” received the prestigious Clarion Five-Star review. In addition to “owning” the essay, Tom’s students also dominate the SAT grammar section. Download his FREE “Killer SAT Grammar” game. Look for it in the App Store under “Killer SAT Grammar” or

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