Children’s Picture Book – Chatur the Laundry Man

Chatur the Laundry ManChatur the Laundry Man
By Subhash Kommuru
Publisher: Kommuru Books
Published: October 2016
ISNB: 978-1946312006
Pages: 26
Genre: Children’s Picture Book

What can a business man, a lazy donkey, and an elephant teach kids about success and friendship? Read along to find out in this playful romp by the award-winning author of The Magic of Friendship!

Chatur the Laundry Man is a funny, lighthearted story with a subtle lesson. Chatur thinks of nothing but growing his business, but his friend Gadhu the donkey keeps telling him to take it easy. When Chatur has a bright idea to get more business, things seem to be going his way but take an unexpected turn. Will Chatur learn that sometimes success takes a little time and patience?
Praise for Chatur the Laundry Man:
“5 Star … a humorous tale.. illustrations are comical.. highly recommended..” – Readers Favorite Review

“.. kids will receive 3 fine messages the value of hard work, what happens when a push for profit supersedes quality of life, and how different approaches to work and play yield very singular results.” – Midwest Book Review

Chatur the Laundry Man Author Subhash KommuruAbout the Author:
Subhash and Sujata Kommuru are a husband and wife team, known for their award-winning range of children’s books. They aim to introduce the vibrant culture of India to the children of the United States, the country which has been their home for several years.

Subhash began writing when he became a father. He created stories for his young son about his own childhood in India, to help his son understand the culture and values of his heritage.

Subhash’s wife, Sujata, is an illustrator, who soon began creating pictures to accompany her husband’s words. Her illustrations bring to life the colorful images of her own Indian childhood, giving children a vivid insight into a diverse culture.

Together, Subhash and Sujata offer children the chance to experience the life of an Indian child, and understand a culture vastly different from their own, while enjoying the simple similarities shared by children all over the world.

Their books are entertaining at the same time as being educational, and they have been honored for excellence by the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards.

With universal themes including friendship and the importance of self-expression, Subhash and Sujata’s books provide children with an all-important introduction to the diversity of the world they live in. Read them together and they’ll become firm favorites that your child will enjoy again and again.

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Children’s Book – When Fred the Snake Goes to School

when-fred-the-snake-goes-to-schoolWhen Fred the Snake Goes to School
By Peter B. Cotton
Publisher: PeterCottonBooks
ISBN: 978-0988337022
Pages: 30
Genre: Children’s Book

This is the 2nd of the rhyming and beautifully illustrated books about Fred the friendly snake. It tells how the boy persuades his mother and the teacher to allow him to take Fred to school. Everyone was nervous at first, but Fred won them over by turning him to useful things they needed, like a jump rope, soccer goal and waterslide. He got a million merit points.

Fred is often called Fred-Fred because he got squished in two in the first book when failing to watch when crossing the road, but he got mended nicely.

The Midwest Book Review in 2015 said “Move over for Fred-Fred Lewis Carroll”


Other books in the Fred the Snake Series:

when-fred-the-snake-got-squished-and-mendedWhen Fred the Snake Got Squished, and Mended
By Peter B. Cotton
ISBN: 978-1452820507
Pages: 27
Genre: Children’s Book

Fred the snake was sent as a pet by Jungle Jim, but got squished in two (and became Fred-Fred) when run over by an ambulance. To sew the two halves back together, the doctor required a special jungle thread that brave Jim was able to get from underneath a rhino. Fred was mended and will be more careful crossing the road in future.


when-jungle-jim-comes-to-visit-fred-the-snakeWhen Jungle Jim Comes to Visit Fred the Snake
By Peter B. Cotton
Publisher: PeterCottonBooks
ISBN: 978-0988337046
Pages: 48
Genre: Children’s Book

Fred the snake was happy to survive his unfortunate adventure of getting squished in two (thus becoming Fred-Fred for a while) and he had a marvelous time going to school where he was the hit of the playground – thanks in large part to his skill in bending himself into useful playground equipment like slides and soccer goals! But poor Fred is feeling very lonesome without his former exotic animal pals. Will a visit from Jungle Jim and a collection of wild creatures (including an attractive lady snake) lift his spirits? This third book in the Fred the Snake series takes a colorful menagerie of jungle critters on a wild over-the-seas romp to visit the lonesome serpent in his new home of Charleston, South Carolina. As always, an adventure with Fred makes for a fun, colorful, and unforgettable experience.


when-fred-the-snake-and-friends-explore-charlestonWhen Fred the Snake and Friends explore Charleston
By Peter B. Cotton
Publisher: PeterCottonBooks
ISBN: 978-0692570722
Pages: 52
Genre: Children’s Book

The first Fred book “When Fred the Snake got Squished and Mended” tells how the friendly snake was sent as a present to the young boy by Jungle Jim. Fred became Fred-Fred temporarily after an accident crossing the road. Happily, the doctor was able to mend him with some special thread that brave Jim collected from beneath a fierce rhino. In the second book “When Fred the Snake goes to School” , Fred becomes popular when he twists himself into many useful things for the playground, like a soccer goal and a water-slide. But he became lonely and wrote to Jungle Jim, asking him to come and visit his new home. The third book “When Jungle Jim comes to visit Fred the Snake” tells how Jim and many forest friends brave the ocean journey, to arrive in South Carolina. Now, in the fourth book “When Fred the Snake and friends explore Charleston”, we follow Fred, the boy, his Mama, Jim and all the jungle visitors as they check out the tourist sights of the city of Charleston. They took a carriage ride, cruised the market and rainbow row, visited the children’s museum and fort sumter, splashed in the fountain at Waterfront park, gazed in pretty shop windows, ate moules frites at Rue de Jean ,and took a helicopter ride over the city and big bridge. After that they were tired.


when-fred-the-snake-goes-to-school-author-peter-b-cottonAbout the Author:
Peter Cotton, born British, is a semi-retired Professor of Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, living on lovely Dewees Island, SC. He enjoys reading his books at schools and to his grandchildren.



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Children’s Book – True Tails II from the Dog Park

True Tails II from the Dog ParkTrue Tails II from the Dog Park
By Max & Luther
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Published: July 2015
ISBN: 978-1457540554
Pages: 60
Genre: Children’s Book, Pets, Humor

“True Tails II” is a charming collection of short stories, fun dog facts, and top ten lists told from the perspective of two dogs, Max and Luther. Entertaining and educational for both adults and children alike, dog lovers will be delighted by Max and Luther’s unique view on all things dog!

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True Tails II from the Dog Park AuthorsAbout the Authors:
Southern California residents, Kari Sherman and Carey Laubenberg are first-time self-published authors. With the help and guidance from their dogs, Max and Luther, they have written a charming collection of stories, tips and advice called “True Tails from the Dog Park”.  After their dogs became best friends at the dog park, Kari and Carey decided that they had to share their funny encounters and advice to other dog owners and dog lovers.

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Children’s Book – Fairy Tales

Fairy TalesFairy Tales
By Thomas Gonzalez
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Published: January 2015
ISBN: 978-1496960504
Pages: 42
Genre: Children’s Book

The Old West, Cowboy Boots, Sheriffs, Mayors, Horses….

Dogs, dogs, dogs and more dogs….

Fairy Tales is a children’s story about Western pooches Spike, Princess, Rocky, Wilbert, Black Jack, Chiquita, and of course the main man Mayor Tom. Set in an old west town, follow the dogs on their adventures, even being sworn in as deputies.

The author has used the names of his real life dogs for his story because he loves his dogs and wants the world to fall in love them too. All of Gonzalez’s dogs are rescues and he has promised them that they will have a good friend in him for the rest of their lives.

Fairy Tales is available in print and ebook formats.

Fairy Tales Sell Sheet (pdf)

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Fairy Tales AuthorAbout the Author:
Thomas Gonzalez is a Vietnam veteran. He served his country with distinction during those horrific days from the years of 1966-1967. Gonzalez started with a squad of marines and ended up with a platoon of marines. At the beginning of his tour, his squad of marines was known as the Santa-Ana’s raiders because the squad had a few Hispanics. The troop would confiscate anything that was not nailed down. Despite the many times they were engaged with the enemy and were fired upon with thousands of bullets, by the grace of God, they all managed to survive and come home alive. It is for this reason that Gonzalez christen the squad, the Invisible Squad. As the years went by, he started to realize that he was getting into the autumn years of his life.

Because of his love for children and animals, Mr. Gonzalez decided to write short stories because he wanted to share with the world his thoughts and ideas. He has written two books about his Vietnam experiences (Sarge and The Invisible Squad) and has also written three short children’s books (Fairy Tales).

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Children’s Book – Friends: Here…There…Everywhere!!!

Friends Here...There...EverywhereFriends: Here…There…Everywhere!!!
By Rosella Calauti
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1468531961
Pages: 20
Genre: Children’s Book

Friends Here… There… Everywhere… was written to enhance social and literacy development in young children, ages two to five. Growth occurs at different rates for each child in this very important period of development that occurs rapidly, as they learn to become independent. The book encourages young children to feel secure as they develop, and experience their first encounters of making friends, while they explore the world and continue to become individuals. It is ideal for teachers, parents, and caregivers who wish to discuss how to share and play cooperatively. In addition to the topic of building friendships, this book helps develop recognition of words that are opposites and introduces adverbs (here, there, and everywhere). It can motivate children to inquire about friendships, relate to them, and suggests places to find friends, while strengthening reading and writing skills.

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Friends Here...There...Everywhere AuthorAbout the Author:
Rosella Calauti, author and a teacher in Newburgh, New York discovered her passion for education and writing after changing careers. She was inspired by her Teens and Tots students and her new nephew.

She has dedicated her life to helping children and hopes to encourage reading. She obtained her M.A.T. from Manhattanville College and a Masters in Humanistic and Multicultural Education at SUNY New Paltz. Previously, she graduated with degrees in art and fashion merchandising. She welcomes your emails at

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