The Little Book of Leadership Wisdom by Charles D. Harpool

The Little Book of Leadership Wisdom

leadershipwisdomBy Charles D. Harpool
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1492289371
Published: April 2014
Pages: 133
Genre: Self-Help, Reference, Business

Are leaders born or made? What are the common personality traits and characteristics of great leaders? What is the best definition of leadership? These are important leadership questions that have been studied and debated for centuries.

Learn from some of the greatest past and present leaders in Charles D. Harpool’s fascinating new book, The Little Book of Leadership Wisdom.

As he did with his delightful The Little Book of Planning Wisdom, Harpool has collected some of the world’s most inspiring quotations into one, easy-to-read handbook.

This time, however, he tackles the issues of leadership. With over 185 gems of wisdom that question the meaning, methodology, and existence of leadership, this anthology is sure to help both new and experienced leaders become even more effective.

Let words from philosophers, business and world leaders, scientists, inventors, military leaders, and more demonstrate that despite the occasional challenges, being an effective leader is one of the most rewarding positions a person can have.

Learn how to be a better leader today by studying the attitudes, philosophies, and words of some of the world’s greatest leaders.

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About The Author:
Charles D. (Dan) Harpool began his business career when he was ten years old. He worked in numerous marketing and management positions in the corporate world. Dan also has extensive experience in small and medium size organizations -including entrepreneurial endeavors- over his long career in the business world. Dan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Missouri State University. Dan is the President and CEO of Complete Computing, a computer networking solutions and IT services provider. Dan serves on numerous boards, consults and conducts seminars on strategic planning. Dan is also the author of The Little Book of Planning Wisdom.

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