Business – All in: 101 Real Life Business Lessons for Emerging Entrepreneur

All inAll in: 101 Real Life Business Lessons for Emerging Entrepreneurs
By Bill Green
Publisher: Koehler Books
Release Date: June 15, 2017
ISBN: 978-1633934641 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-1633934665 (hardcover)
Pages: 252
Genre: Business, Entrepreneurship

You have the Big Idea, the drive and ambition.

You see the market, and you’ve identified the customers. You want to be wildly successful. You wonder, how certain entrepreneurs have achieved success without a fancy education or unlimited access to capital. Enter Bill Green, a serial entrepreneur. Using his own impressive business achievements (and his few fiascos), Green provides the reader with the practical tools needed to launch their Big Idea or improve their existing business.

In a unique, humorous, and impassioned style, Bill shares 101 key insights he has gleaned over a 40-year business career that began with a single flea market table. He shares the lessons he learned that allowed him to leverage his flea market business table into one of the largest industrial distribution companies in the country and how he subsequently successfully invested in or founded numerous companies across multiple end markets.

Bill Green’s message is universal and is the ideal road map for anyone who might wonder how the Bill Greens of the business world do what they do so well.



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All in Author Bill GreenAbout the Author:
William S. “Bill” Green is the straight-talking, edgy, no-holds-barred serial entrepreneur and author of ALL IN: Real Life Business Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Having built multiple businesses from beginning to blockbuster during his 40-year career, Green is best known for “bootstrapping a startup” before anyone knew what the word “startup” meant. He propelled his first company, Wilmar Industries, from a flea market table to an industry-leading $630-million corporation with more than 2,300 employees. With decades of successes, Green is ready to reveal his gritty secrets and practical tools for success.

Green has carved a reputation for going hard or going home in everything he does. He wrote ALL IN to show aspiring entrepreneurs how to fully commit to whatever they do—not just in business, but also in life. One of the few CEOs willing to share what it really takes to go from a startup founder to the CEO of a publicly traded company, Green lays all his cards on the table with humor, humility, and passion.

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Memoir/Business – Outfoxing the Gaming Club

outfoxing-the-gaming-clubOutfoxing the Gaming Club
By Pascale Batieufaye
Publisher: Xlibris
ISBN: 978-1503586598
Pages: 310
Genre: Memoir, Business

In this debut memoir, a former casino employee discusses how he thinks his former bosses acted on his many suggestions.

Batieufaye tells of working for a Resort Casino, operated by Pequot tribal leaders from 1996 to 2004. He began as a kitchen worker and later moved on to guest services.

In this book, he says that he believes his company acted upon ideas he submitted through the company’s suggestion program without recognizing his contributions. (However, he notes several times that he’s not seeking “reimbursement for any written suggestion that I submitted that made them tons of moneys.”)

Batieufaye focuses primarily on his grievances regarding the casino management, but he also discusses the importance of “putting the accent on alternative natural methods over antidepressant pills. He also weighs in on various sociopolitical issues, from animal cruelty to world leadership.

The author includes an “excerpt” of an unidentified news item that says an FBI probe uncovered corruption among the casino’s tribal leadership. His suggestion submissions, reproduced in the text, expound lengthily on concepts that may have occurred simultaneously to many other people.

His mention of his willingness to donate any proceeds of this book to charitable and civic causes is admirable, though, and he does effectively convey how he’s suffered in life.




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Business – Brand Identity Breakthrough

Brand Identity BreakthroughBrand Identity Breakthrough
By Gregory Diehl
Publisher: Identity Books
Published: May 2016
ISBN: 978-0692651872
Pages: 260
Genre: Business

Amazon #1 Bestseller in Public Relations and Selling for Small Business

Does your business have a story to tell? It should! Every new product can be unique in its industry. Does yours stand out from the crowd?

After a life of exploring the way people exchange value in over 35countries, Diehl teaches business owners how to have conversations about brand strategy. In Brand Identity Breakthrough, you will learn how todevelop a strong business identity by combining your personality andvalues with the functionality of your products to become irreplaceableto your audience.

Whether you lead a growing company, or are just starting a business, Brand Identity Breakthrough will give you a smarter way to think aboutnew product development and business model generation. With undeniable,well-organized logic, it will show you how anyone can sell more, and athigher prices, so long as they give customers exactly what they want.

* Learn how to build a unique selling proposition for your product
* Learn the best methods for how to sell a product to customers, no matter what you offer.
* Overcome the sales learning curve, and sell products in both physical and online marketplaces.

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Praise for Brand Identity Breakthrough:

Brand Identity Breakthrough by Gregory V. Diehl offers a no-nonsense approach to business by getting down to the bare bones of the business analysis, not only looking at what makes a business tick, but also examining what drives that business and whether it will be successful. However, Brand Identity Breakthrough is no walk in the park with rose-colored spectacles firmly in place – it identifies the many pitfalls facing entrepreneurs today and then offers anecdotes where others have turned potential problems into a positive solution.”
Marta Tandori for Readers’ Favorite

“As you read Brand Identity Breakthrough, you’ll feel like you are talking with a master who knows the troubling questions about brand marketing that business owners struggle with. Diehl exposes readers to the winning principles of brand marketing and warns them about the many pitfalls that have often undermined the success of powerful products. This book is a great companion for businesses of every size and nature.”
Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

“I very much enjoyed Brand Identity. Author Gregory V. Diehl has done a fantastic job in giving his target audience an easy to use primer on how to achieve exactly what they want from their business. Any reader who is trying to create or sell a product that will get noticed in the marketplace should absolutely read this book.”
Tracy Slowiak for Readers’ Favorite

“Many small business owners just don’t understand the critical importance of crafting their own ‘story.’ Most companies offer a product or service that could be obtained elsewhere, and the reason a prospect will choose you often comes down to how you tell your story. Read Gregory Diehl’s Brand Identity Breakthrough and you will have a more compelling and successful story.”
Pete Sisco,

“Quite often, in the rush toward newer methods of developing a brand, the essence of making it truly stand out gets left behind. Brand Identity Breakthrough provides business owners a comprehensive guide which can give your business the tools it needs. Diehl has total mastery over this subtle craft, and it really shows in his writing here.”
Purushothaman Rajagopal,

“After reading this book I was actually shocked; I had been doing so many of the “Do Nots”! I consider this book MANDATORY reading for all creators, regardless of what phase you may be in. And especially for the Tim Ferris 4HWW crowd, like myself, this book is a wake-up call, as well as a hyper-important tool in your toolbox.”
Eric Z,

“If you want your business to stand out from the crowd and have a solid vision for success, you need an avatar and a story. Brand Identity Breakthrough shares relatable stories about how to choose your customers while your competitors’ leave that important decision to their clients. You can choose better clients and more control of your life.”
Andrew Henderson, Nomad Capitalist

“Brand Identity Breakthrough is beautifully logical in its organization, introducing every new topic at just the right point to make sense in the context of what has already been explained. That’s a remarkable achievement! As soon as I got past the first few pages, I realized that this book is, indeed, a work of quality with something original and truly valuable to say.”
Tim Coulter, Getting Around Turkey

“From the moment I started this book, there was value bomb after value bomb after value bomb. I was blown away by the detailed knowledge that I picked out from Brand Identity Breakthrough. Highly recommended read!”
Chris P. Reynolds, The Entrepreneur House & The One Effect

“This book is branding on steroids. It’s a combination of marketing, business, financing and entrepreneurship. It’s extremely motivating, inspiring and educational. I want to use the material to train my agents and I will ask them to buy copies as well!”
Asaf Halperin, Experior Financial Group

Brand Identity Breakthrough AuthorAbout the Author:
Gregory V. Diehl understood the importance of universal ideals at a very young age. Raised in California before embarking on a path of global exploration, Diehl focused his belief in personal empowerment through a career path in education at age 18. His quest for learning led him to deep self-discovery through entrepreneurship, inquiry, and analysis. Diehl has lived and worked in over 35 countries so far, offering straightforward solutions to seekers of honest advice and compassionate support in the development of their identities.

Diehl’s first book, Brand Identity Breakthrough, quickly shot to #1 bestseller in Public Relations on Amazon, and is available in Kindle, print, and audiobook formats.

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Business – Broken Windows Management in Business

Broken Windows Management in BusinessBroken Windows Management in Business
10 Minutes to Fearless Employees
By Dr. Tom DePaoli
Published: May 2015
ISBN: 978-1511822251
Pages: 80
Genre: Business

In his creative guide to the practice of Broken Windows Management for Business, author Dr. Tom DePaoli offers practical strategies learned from his diverse career in many organizations. A description of some of the principles of broken windows management is explained and made relevant to both business and other organizations.

The broken windows management analogy to some criminal justice theories is explained. In many cities of the country there’s a fear of the streets; especially if there’s disorder and the environment is in disarray. In many organizations there’s a fear of management. No small part of this can be due to employees who do not understand the actions of upper management. One of Deming’s most important points was to drive out fear. Prevention of disorder and actually fixing things that employees say are wrong; goes a very long way to establishing trust and credibility with management. Management must be vigilant and constantly try to control disorder and fix the things and issues that employees value. These actions reduce employee fear of management and actually help gain trust. Trust is enhanced by quickly fixing things that employees’ want fixed.
A lot of broken windows management is learning by doing. There is ample room for creativity and having fun with broken windows management. Broken windows management is a journey not a quick fix. After years of employee neglect it will take time for broken windows management to work. It remains one of the most viable and practical ways to achieve quality of work life improvement.

The author relates some for the principles of 5S and the kaizen methodology to the broken windows management approach. Told in part via a story or blog post like format, Broken Windows Management for Business uses real life examples to discuss what goes right, and often wrong, in the broken windows management trenches.

Dr. Tom contrasts the broken windows management approach to current management fads, which are often ineffective, trendy, and shallow flavors-of-the-month. Broken windows management is strong on actions and results orientated approach. It requires a powerful ongoing commitment from management. The emphasis is on fixing employee issues, correcting complaints and solving problems expeditiously. Attention to detail and a passion for meeting employee’s needs are at its centerpiece.

Broken Windows Management also places an emphasis on order and trying to create an impressive workplace that employees and customers would be proud of and motivated to keep clean. Dr. DePaoli sets a benchmark that the work area should be so impressive and safe that employees could take-their-child-to-work any day, at any time.

Broken windows management is not a silver bullet or a theory that will fix all the problems in an organization. It is certainly something to consider based on the failure of many other management flavor-of-the-month attempts to improve employee morale.
Finally if you give employees the tools and resources to fix many of the issues and problems on their own, without interference from upper management, you will establish a strong culture of self-reliance and skills for employees to solve their own issues. Broken windows management for business greatly encourages solving issues at the lowest or core level, a fundamentally strong management principle. Giving broken windows management a chance can empower employees and improve management credibility tremendously.

Like some good business leaders (unfortunately now in the minority), the author places employee needs first and foremost in his book. “Many organizations have lost sight of the value of their employees and treat them very poorly. They can provide an energized face to the customer that will provide a significant competitive advantage.”

The actual theory of broken windows management for business is not complicated. It does not require tedious certifications; long training sessions or expensive consultants. It does require a strong commitment from management to listen to employee complaints, get well organized and fix them. The theories of clean design and ergonomics can also help.

Dr. DePaoli remains convinced that broken windows management for business is a proven and very effective method to improve employee trust and loyalty.

About the Author:
Sydney the Monster Stops Bullies authorDr. Tom DePaoli currently serves as the Management Program Director of the Marian School of Business in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He holds a PhD in management, a master’s in business administration from Notre Dame University, and two additional bachelor’s degrees. He also works as the principal of the independent consulting firm Apollo Solutions, which offers business consulting in supply chain management, human resources, and Lean Six Sigma. Over his career, he has worked for ten major companies and consulted for over 200 organizations. His articles have appeared in Purchasing Today, Manufacturing Week, and several academic journals. He is the author of six books that available through or

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Marketing/Business – Home Health Marketing: Play to Win

Home Health MarketingHome Health Marketing: Play to Win
By Jerry Shults
ISBN: 978-1494750817
Published: May 2014
Genre: Marketing

Whether you’re a college student on the verge of entering the world of medical marketing, a seasoned marketer transitioning into the field of healthcare, or simply someone curious about the latest marketing trends, Home Health Marketing has something for you.

Brimming with anecdotes, statistics, practical tips, and immediately actionable steps, author and professional home health marketer Jerry Shults shares his years of experience in the business like he’s having a sit-down conversation with you.

Starting with the basics, Shults takes you step by step through the process of understanding and building your career in home health marketing. But he doesn’t stop there. Knowing from experience the importance of not only getting new clients, but also developing regular clients, he provides follow-up strategies and describes how customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you maintain your client base. Shults even shares some of his mistakes to help you see the importance of being professional and preserving good relationships within the industry.

Learn how to be financially successful and emotionally prepared for the long game with Home Health Marketing: Play to Win.

Home Health Marketing Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Home Health Marketing Author

A graduate from Texas A&M University, Jerry Shults is a successful business owner, published author, and a respected leader in his community. Shults served on city council in League City, Texas, and then served as mayor from 2005 to 2008. During his tenure as mayor, League City was voted one of the top one hundred small cities to live in. After completing his service in League City, Shults started a home healthcare company with his daughters in Austin. As CEO, he has guided Capitol Home Health to become one of Texas’s Best Companies To Work For, as named by the Texas Business Journal. When he isn’t traveling nationally, teaching, or learning about the growing home healthcare industry, Shults resides in Austin with his family.

Known for his conversational writing style and passion for the healthcare profession, Shults has thus far written two helpful guides: The Illusion of Control and Home Health Marketing: Play to Win.

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