Pet Loss – My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do?

My Dog Is Dying What Do I DoMy Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do?
Emotions, Decisions, and Options for Healing
By Wendy Van de Poll
Published: February 2016
Pages: 126
Genre: Pet Loss

You just came home from the veterinarian’s office, and it feels like a brick hit you right smack on the head. You heard that your dog has a life-threatening illness. She has one week or, at best, a few months to live. Your veterinarian tells you, “There is no cure!”

My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do? is your emotional emergency first-aid kit that will support you through the roller coaster ride that you are about to take. It is your handbook and journal to always keep with you, packed with useful information. My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do? will support you as a close friend to accompany you on the journey of pet loss grief with unconditional love. At the end of each chapter, you will find three Contemplation Questions, designed to help you proceed even more deeply on your grief journey to become an active participant when coping with your dog’s illness.

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About the Author:
My Dog is Dying What Do I Do AuthorWendy Van de Poll is a pioneering leader in the field of pet loss grief support and the founder of the Center for Pet Loss Grief. She provides wisdom, joy, and compassion for grief relief in her practice. Wendy is a certified end-of-life and grief coach, pet funeral celebrant, a licensed massage therapist for humans, horses, and hounds, and a tested animal communicator. With a master’s of science in wolf ecology, Wendy has run with wolves in Minnesota, coyotes in Massachusetts, and foxes in her backyard.

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Children’s Book – True Tails II from the Dog Park

True Tails II from the Dog ParkTrue Tails II from the Dog Park
By Max & Luther
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Published: July 2015
ISBN: 978-1457540554
Pages: 60
Genre: Children’s Book, Pets, Humor

“True Tails II” is a charming collection of short stories, fun dog facts, and top ten lists told from the perspective of two dogs, Max and Luther. Entertaining and educational for both adults and children alike, dog lovers will be delighted by Max and Luther’s unique view on all things dog!

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True Tails II from the Dog Park AuthorsAbout the Authors:
Southern California residents, Kari Sherman and Carey Laubenberg are first-time self-published authors. With the help and guidance from their dogs, Max and Luther, they have written a charming collection of stories, tips and advice called “True Tails from the Dog Park”.  After their dogs became best friends at the dog park, Kari and Carey decided that they had to share their funny encounters and advice to other dog owners and dog lovers.

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Dog Treat Cookbook – Shaggy Dog Eats!

Shaggy Dog EatsShaggy Dog Eats!
By Christy Bright
Publisher: Beachbrights Publishing
Published: December 2014
ISBN: 978-0990985600
Pages: 56
Genre: Dog Treat Cookbook

Now you can make your own healthy dog treats without spending a fortune. All these recipes have been developed and made in my very own kitchen. There is a recipe for every special taste and sensitivity. Also, most of the ingredients can be modified. Have some fun and play around. Your four-legged friend will thank you!

Most of these recipes are fast and easy to make. They also make great gifts and are perfect for bake sales raising money for animal rescue organizations. A portion from every sale of this book will support animal rescue.

Shaggy Dog Eats! Sell Sheet (pdf)

From the Author:
Shaggy Dog Eats Author“Have you ever heard the term “Soul Dog?” I have been blessed with many pets in my life but I have never experienced the connection that I have with my Goldendoodle, Granger. She is my “Soul Dog” and I totally get it now. Shaggy Dog Eats! is a family effort. It’s an accumulation of taking something my family loves and developing it into something so much more. It’s a mixture of rescue, love, passion, community and soul. Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world and supporting Shaggy Dog Eats! A percentage of your purchase is given back to those still searching for their soulmate.”


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