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Champion Your CareerChampion Your Career
Winning in the World of Work
By Halimah Bellows
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 978-1513606132
Pages: 224
Genre: Careers, Workplace

Designed as a self-paced career development workshop in book format, Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work provides self-assessment tools to enable individuals to explore their personal passions, values, strengths and skills along with sound strategies and resources for decision making, goal setting and networking to being a fulfilling new career.

This book is for:

– college career planning;
– mid-life career changes; and
– retirees seeking post retirement careers.

Anyone who has faced the challenge of embarking on a new career knows how important it is to have someone cheering you on and guiding you in developing effective strategies. In this book, seasoned career counselor/coach Halimah Bellows offers you the tools for becoming your own career champion. With empathy and enthusiasm, she will inspire you to delve deeply and honestly into your experience to discover the career path that is right for you.

Champion Your Career uniquely addresses the major concerns, methodologies and plans of action that are applicable in the 21st century for a new generation of career seekers, in a new economy, and in a quickly changing marketplace. The resource listings are current and include many websites, blogs, and forums that keep the reader updated on the latest career trends in a given geographic or demographic area.

Career development is a process.  The strategies presented in Champion Your Career can be used throughout your working life.

It is never to soon, to find work that is rewarding and fulfilling.




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Champion Your Career Author - Halimah BellowsAbout the Author:
For more than 25 years, Halimah Bellows, MA, MS, CCC, CPC has been helping clients find their ideal careers.  Author of the self-coaching guide, Champion Your Career- Winning in the World of Work and creator of Career Quest Cards,  a portable tool providing a distillation of 30 key career coaching exercises in one box (now available as an APP). Halimah is a seasoned workshop presenter, group facilitator and talk show guest.

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Champion Your Career

1. What motivated you to write and publish Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work?

I felt that a comprehensive career development book for the 21st century was needed to address the critical concerns of our time—the workers who are victims of downsizing and outsourcing, the “boomers” who are at retirement age but cannot afford to retire and the recent college graduates who are faced an avalanche of confusing information and are clueless about how to pursue an appropriate career path.

Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work uniquely incorporates the methodologies and plans of action that are applicable now for a new generation of career seekers in a new economy and a quickly changing marketplace. The resource listings are current and include many websites, blogs, and forums that keep the reader updated on the latest career trends in a given geographic or demographic area.

2. What is unique about the perspective offered by Champion Your Career?

Champion Your Career is unusual in that it combines career counseling with career coaching. By asking the appropriate questions, Champion Your Career gives the reader not only the theory behind choosing a career that’s right for an individual, but offers practical exercises, resources, and powerful questions so that the reader can then become his or her own career champion.

The books that are in the market now offer career choice theory with self-assessment exercises, but without the coaching structure and support that moves readers to active decision-making within the process of becoming their own career champion.

3. What changes in the field of career development have you observed in your twenty years as a career counselor?

The theories haven’t changed. The emphasis is, as it has always been, on reflecting on who you are: your likes and dislikes, your values (in both your personal and your work life), and your skills. Career coaching has been introduced. The process of career development has become more holistic. What has changed is the job search. It has become more impersonal. There is an emphasis on using keywords in a resume. People are asked to fill out behaviorally based questionnaires.

The search requires more patience. The tight economy eliminates a whole population from being able to seek help from a career counselor. More and more, it’s not what you know but who you know, so networking is really important.

4. In what context do you see Champion Your Career being used?

The book is designed so that it could be adapted to be used in multiple settings. It can be an accompanying text to a college career and life-planning course. It can be used in mid-career for those who wish to change careers but don’t know what direction to take. At the same time, retirees seeking post retirement careers will find this book useful along with financial and other post retirement planning. Career development is a process. Once the readers learn this, they can strategically apply the process at different points in their working life.

The book acts as a work manual with each chapter focusing on specific work related issues, solutions and resources. By working with the questionnaires and exercises, readers discover their own specific pathways to making the best-informed decision in their career choice process.

5. How has your direct experience in working with your clients influenced your approach to writing?

I know that the key to quickly gaining insight and taking action toward right livelihood has to do with the art of asking the right questions and providing guidance about how to uncover what is important and true for each reader’s personal career quest. I wanted to present the material in a personal, easy-to-read style with humor to make it accessible to anyone pursuing a new career path. I have designed Champion Your Career as self-paced career development workshop in book format. I offer specific concrete action steps illustrated by the career success stories that are sprinkled throughout the book.

6. How has your personal philosophy about career development inspired your writing?

I am passionate in my belief that fulfillment from making the right career choice is imperative to achieving a life well-lived. Most working adults spend one third of their days in the workplace. Being in a rewarding career and a healthy work environment has a ripple effect throughout their personal and interpersonal lives.