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$99 Book Buzz Promotion + NetGalley Listing
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$99 Book Buzz Promo

With our BookBuzz Promotion Service we want to get the most exposure for your book with our simple marketing campaign.

We focus on Postings, Online Exposure, Press, & Reviewers!!!

Online Book Marketing Exposure

  • Post Books Online To BookBuzz.net, GoodReads, LibraryThing, AwesomeGang and More (more sites depend on the genre and price of your book). We also make sure your book’s information is correct and up to date on these sites as well.
  • Post your book available for review to several lists and online groups
  • If your book is $4.99 or less, we will also post it to a few newsletters to try and get more sales for a couple of days during our promotion.

Online Media Exposure

  • Distribute press release to at least 3 online PR Sites
  • Send Press Release electronically to 50 Book Reviewers
  • Send Press Release electronically to 100 Bookstores
  • Search Engine Registration for your website

Social Media Exposure

  • Marketing to 30,000+ book enthusiasts on Twitter
  • Depending on your genre marketing to 5,000 – 20,000 people on Facebook.

We post your book to several online sites such as AwesomeGang, NewBookJournal, Library Thing, AuthorsDB and more.

We distribute a press release about your book online through at least three different PR portals. (Free-Press-Release.com, PRLog.org, MyPRGenie.com, PRBuzz and/or PR.com

We send information about your book to up to 50 book reviewers (depending on the topic of your book).

We send information about your book to 100 bookstores that might be interested in your book. ** If your book is available only as an ebook, we email 100 extra reviewers and bloggers to generate interest for your book.

If you have a website, we will also register it with the search engines.

With this campaign you reach a wide audience with a low budget. 

PLUS – You will receive a one month NetGalley listing for your book. Promote Your Book to over 200,000 Readers!

NetGalley offers electronic galleys of books, both before and after their publication date, to 200,000 professional readers such as book reviewers, journalists, librarians, professors, booksellers, and bloggers. NetGalley is used by publishers and individual authors alike.

But Net Galley isn’t only for encouraging reviews! Titles hosted on NetGalley will also be available to librarians, book buyers, and media professionals, who use NetGalley to determine their summer reading lists, purchase orders, book recommendations, and more. Digital galleys can be read on all major reading devices and tablets (including the Kindle and iPad) and are protected files which cannot be shared.
Every book will be live in the database for one month, during which requests can be made at any point. Readers requesting the book know that they have one month to download and read the book before it is archived. Reviewers who download books onto their Kindle will be able to read and review the book even after it is no longer live, meaning reviews can come in even after the book has been archived. 

When you choose to list your book with us on NetGalley, we send authors weekly updates on the status of their campaign, including the number of books requested and any new reviews that come in. Once the month is up and the book has been archived, we provide authors with a campaign summary report, indicating the number of people who downloaded the book and a recap of any reviews that came in during the month. This report will also include a list of the types of outlets that downloaded your books (reviewers, librarians, educators, media professionals and booksellers). Authors will have the freedom to use any reviews or coverage they receive however they’d like to promote their book! If you want to leave the book on NetGalley for longer than one month, let us know and we will let you know the added costs.

Keep in mind that because there is security on the file itself, NetGalley members cannot share, copy, or distribute your content.

All of this for only $150 – Save $49

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